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Or whatever they just couldn't manufacture anything today whether it be home runs or manufacturing runs the old fashioned way and for eight straight games they failed to score three or more runs it's crazy alberta mora today let off he went oh for four he's now batting to seventy five a hobby buyers he went one for four today he had a strikeout kris bryant one for four and a strikeout anthony result like dollars said to for four willson contreras over to on the day he had to walks though ben zobrist over four addison russell over three jason heyward over three and then the pitchers so you know you look at it and here's the theory here's the story for the chicago cubs right now this point in the season they are the all or nothing chicago cubs if they win the game they're going to give you ten plus runs or getting seven runs the game hit a bunch of home runs and they're going to win some games because of that if they don't give you anything offensively they're going to struggle to win especially if you throw out there a pitcher yu darvish who's struggling right now as well and i get the pitch for the last week and a half has looked really good through one turn that one turn is up now we have an issue with you darvish once again and it i think it goes back to the fact that this team is scoring but it's an all or nothing concept with this team because it's not that they're keeping them in games right there's a bunch of blowouts in the losses that they're getting and i think that's something to kind of take taking note right now early in the season everyone's gonna tell us it's early that's that's the baseball thing to do is tell people early in the chicago cubs right now for how good their offense has been to this point in the season their twelfth in runs scored this year will they go point but this chugonov and offense twelfth right now in runs scored they go five and two on the homestand they were outscored eighteen to.

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