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On the phone with someone maybe forty we need all right but what what's with was with vendors what do you mean like Texaco are let's talk to address here from Tetris my petrous however USAR known as well thank you all with you Petraeus body body I use I listen to so much I love when you come on you're the most on is guy in all of radio maybe all of you know the spoken word media you don't care what anyone thinks about you and and that is absolutely true on and off the air and I enjoy that well you're very sweet to say that and thank you for having me I love your show I love all of you and thank you buddy I don't I don't I I don't I am not shocked at Bender's nonchalant attitude toward my appearance well I don't think it has anything to do your parents I think he's pissed off because he was on the phone with somebody and it changed him during the break and I'm gonna find out what happened during the brat you know that happens to all of us and the radio world big life happens while the radio shows on nobody cares I'll give you a perfect example of that I was doing when I used to work on KLSX every single Wednesday inert medium name drop here but I have to for this story there's a very funny comedian they used to come on with us that as own talk show you may know him his name is Arsenio hall yeah yeah traders of justice exactly come on among the fingers we got the beer to justice and got the long fingers of dust and he will come on every Wednesday with us for absolutely no money he just love doing it he was on time every Wednesday he never missed a Wednesday is the most lovely giving human being and one of the funniest man in the world and and he was on with this one night and I got a phone call during the segment on my cell phone and my wife never calls me in the show ever and I picked up the phone well we're take we're we're interviewing some one of his friends was on my you know one another comedian was on the phone and I picked up the phone where Arsenio hall couldn't hear what I was talking about with my wife but I pick up the phone and my wife says to me my daughter was only two and a half of the time and she says she goes she says and I could barely even talk about this she said to him she goes to him she was so fear has stopped breathing and I said why and she goes she's not breathing I'm I'm trying I'm tried she's she's just sitting there her naked slumped over and I ray and I said called golden the hospital call nine eleven and I jetted out the door without telling anybody where I was going I ran out the door ran to my car and get a hundred and ten miles an hour to Tarzan until I got home the matter at the hospital well what happened was she had to take a cold medication that she had a an adverse reaction to and it was it was hurting her it was your breathing was slow and lethargic and labored and and she panicked and and I so I know when you get a call sometimes that it changes your life and you got to go I don't know and was on the phone with somebody during the break a gas and it was podcast related or familial I don't know I don't know I haven't been asked I'll tell you what it what about book at me on the podcast you have not been as no so I can promise you like I can exonerate bike thou sort of with my hands up and backed away from like not fall like maybe he's spoken matter Kate's with sort of the Hey do you hear that noise I think so there was like I have one of those pool filters that like every once in awhile it services and sounds like yeah like somebody hawking like a giant talking in a low key I love those and then it'll spray you every once in awhile as well yeah it is so it is something I'm so used to it that it doesn't bother me but it's really fried the crap I said listen let's listen let's listen I can hear it it also rafter.

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