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No i didn't watch the game but i heard this yesterday morning as many of you may have who is and what it made me think why did amy winehouse epoca why couldn't have a bit her i say bring amy winehouse bag let fergie overdose as the love of this breachings tear in thank you gary jeff walker with your newsradio 700 wlw the nightcap on for this tuesday night february twenty of twenty eighteen much to get too and we shall between now and midnight my friend boca paul from boca raton florida happens live five miles away from the parkland florida campus a marjorie and douglas highschool were there riff acc tragedy happened six days ago on valentine's day seventeen students not fifteen students to teachers tad and a community in total shock and the calls for action coming in not just from the usual sources book from high school students and he lives very close to that campus and he's got any is very familiar with that particular high school campus in south florida and his thoughts i think are wellreasoned and uh we'll talk to him about may be what should be the things that have to change and it has nothing to do with dumped stocks are guns also my friend j armstrong stayed rick median and a guy who's really into bad professional wrestling apparently on all kinds of subjects in what i call the armstrong our from eleven to midnight in between now and then it you had me 513 749 seven thousand one eight hundred eight four three two.

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