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The technology in this place right can see and hear you when you're even forty feet away in the next room I know it really is amazing actually ten cannons had long string so so drew yeah we're nearing the end of the year which means it's time for dumb editorials from newspapers explaining the Christmas is actually a social justice warrior holiday my favorite of the year has been so far there's an article on if you signed your time by Jennifer Finney Boylan who is the trans gender writer for The New York Times about how Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is actually a gay icon I have used on this one yet somehow I missed that I don't know what he could have got my I could have gone over that limit every every single year we see a bevy of stories about people on the left hijacking Christmas and then using it to promote social messages there is this church that apparently put up like they gain intimacy every year people do this routine I'm not a Christian you are what you make of this well of course it's I mean it Christianity is infuses everything that we are in everything that we believe whether you're not with your Christian or not so many of our ideas about right and wrong so many of our ideas what a human being is come to us from Christianity and of course from Judaism Jesus being a Jew and because of the the west so much they have to basically destroy this core idea this court believe it's a court vision really of what people are and why they should be free and why they should be non bigoted in love one another and these things they want to offer themselves because they know that somehow they're part of all of us and if they can do that they can have the world but they can't because it makes any sense for the lie all the time and tell you all will Jesus was a Palestinian which is one of my favorites and work you know he was he was whatever they wanted to be a social justice warrior and he was none of those things okay so it let's get on to a lighter topic here even later than the the minds of the people who talk about Christmas as well let's talk about two movies said since the year and and that means there been to actually put the good movies that came out in the end of the year it's not out yet but I actually saw a screening of nineteen seventeen last night with my wife and it is it's first rate it it's the best World War one movie I've ever seen it's really fantastic that's exciting I look at World War one yes Sam Mendes who directed it he he made about his his grandfather apparently who tell him stories from World War one and is very respectful I it's almost classic filmmaking the whole thing is done with one tracking shot for nearly the entire movie there's one a go it cuts to black one time in the entire film the rest of the film is one giant tracking shot just following these guys moving through landscape it's pretty amazing yeah you've seen some of the year in movies which ones are you liking well I like I just so Richard Jewell which I really like for that purpose the performances are all believable Sam Rockwell who also true great performances that Joe Joe rabbit this year ease really got to the great performances a living awhile plays the reporter Kathy scrubs and she is I've known her I've no I didn't know Kathy Strug scores but I know reporters just like our girls who use their sexuality yet stories girls were actually while the couldn't turn your back on him because you never knew what they were going to do and she just captures a person perfectly what I love about this movie it's about a true story of a guy who is virtually destroyed an innocent man was virtually destroyed by the FBI and the press working together and all the critics are going to it and saying this is a pro trump movie because from Clint Eastwood is a there's a pro trouble and I think well it doesn't mention trump so what makes you think it's a prodrome will be just because it's about a guy getting destroyed by the end of ninety he would put that in your mind yeah it was actually a really clever piece of of love story telling about the way the press destroys people in the FBI gets out of control it's pretty good stuff children drew you mention judge a rabbit it it's been getting you know the sort of glowing reviews it sort of feels like life is beautiful in the sense that yeah I it's it's seemingly uncontroversial then it's going to become controversial red for Oscar season what exactly is that movie because I was sort of interested in seeing a what do you make of it it's it's a it's a it's one of the new breed of Holocaust movies that doesn't really have a feel for how deep the Holocaust is how important how impossible it is to turn it into a Hollywood film I always blame I shouldn't blame Steven Spielberg's Schindler's list for this he was only doing what he does but when it was you sentimental lies what is in fact one of the blackest maybe the blackest historical event in human history what's the sentiment was once you turn into a Hollywood movie it just loses its true meaning and yet in that genre in that genre it's very funny it's very cute his heart is in the basically in the right place and and it has the fortunes from second Rockwell it's crazy game **** without an actual heart who actually because all who just loves the uniforms of the craziness of it all that is absolutely hilarious of the rock will just takes the movie walks away with it and it really is it really is funny stuff and it is always a good hearted movie but yeah if you actually care about human history and human evil is not going to reach those debts are all night and reclaimed host of the inner clinching give him a listen over daily when it comes also why should subscribe of twenty five percent off deal for our subscriptions right now drew thanks for you time always good coming up we'll be joined by biblical scholar and talk show host Dennis Prager he's got a brand new book and he's doing a five volume series on the Bible I would ask him about the hijacking of the Bible if god remember the party which party would god be a member of it will also ask about the latest round.

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