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And if you're a cowboy fan, you could at least be optimism. Forget You know the overreaction or under reaction. Just feel good. Freddie feel good. Sure, why not feel good in the loss? Only that cabin, the Dallas Cowboys winning and losing at the same time when it comes to losing the Tampa Bay last night he's joining in for infants. Simmons, I'm Freddie Coleman on Freddie and Fitz Simmons on ESPN Radio, ESPN atmospheres and channel 80% by progressive insurance drivers who say with progressives say, over $700 on average. I know Tom Brady's nickname is Captain America. I was one of the people that gave him that nickname many, many moons ago. He's no longer Captain America. He is now Benjamin Button. That's Tom Brady right now, because we keep waiting for him to. Oh, he's at that cliff. He's close to the cliff. He's about to fall over that, cliff. You know what? Jordan At a certain point I've given up on trying to figure out when that's going to happen to Benjamin Button Otherwise noticed yourselves husband otherwise known as Tom Brady. I have completely wanted to see what can't he do? I mean, he eats Alvarado Ice cream, Right? Mary Supermodels, you know, doesn't have a great barely two doesn't have a gray hair. Exactly So I don't believe that for a second being real. I mean his exes Bridget Moynahan from blue Bloods. That would be everybody's first choice. That's an exit. Tom Brady. It is his world. We're living in it. I have given up on saying at a certain point, he's going to get to that clip. Nobody knows that when that's going to happen, Not even Tom Brady. I was on that bandwagon. At some point. I don't know, four or five years ago, but you know what happened? And this is like outrageous, he outlasted. Like his successor. They drafted his successor, Jimmy G. He outlasted it so long that he's still playing at the highest level six years later or something at this 60.7. I mean, I mean, Jimmy Key. He he was drafted to succeed Tom Brady. Jimmy jeez, not even young anymore. Think about that for a second. He's not even young. He's a veteran about to dump him for new younger guy. Tom Brady is Oh my God believable and you knew that when he got the ball back of less than 90 seconds to play at one time out, it was going to be a fate accompli that he was going to get that ball in the end zone. It's what he does. Although many People wanted about the O P. I That was not called against Chris. God, I'm not better. Here's why, Because I've seen less than that. Jordan called offensive pass interference, and I've seen worse than that not called offensive pass interference When you have a rule. That's a judgment call you got to deal with. The result is going to be in that situation. It wasn't as agree GIs as people trying to say that Oh, my God, How could they miss that? I've seen a lot worse than that. Saints fans that was not called when it comes to passenger friends and I've seen a lot less than that. That's been called when you have a judgment call, have you the Cowboys and Cowboy's fandom? If you're going to complain about that, you got put as much blame Greg Zuerlein for leaving four points on the board. He doesn't need those points on the board. We're not having this conversation that didn't lose the Cowboys. The game. That offensive pass interference that was not called. They had put plenty of chance to put more points on the board, the more distance between them and Tom Brady, not calling you to come back and winning that game last night. Also, but in the flip side of the bucks weren't turning the ball over. That game was also over. The guy basically fumbled. They were about to put the game away and he fumbled inside of basically five yard line. Yeah, going in the end zone. Exactly. That game was totally over. They gave him an opportunity. They opened the door back up. But here I agree with you on the point where I'm not one of these. I don't like the whining about officiating. We've become a society just winds about everything. And threatened officiating is at the top of the list in the sports sports world, You know, like we people complain about every call and their team the rest of this team. The refs hate that team. I hear it all the time. But I'll get on my high horse for a second because I do hate the fact that there's such a discrepancy between the offense and the defense. When it comes to pass interference. It's just not called the same way The defense is at such a disadvantage. Okay, if they could, If they call it so often on the defense, they should call it legitimately on the offense to which you don't see it. And like I agree with you most of the time that same play, we just saw the probably not going to call it. Because offensive guys are able to get away with it way more than defensive guys. I mean, that's just that's just the reality of the world that we live in, especially with offense that drives the needle when it comes to the NFL, and as long as the quarterback gonna be the best paid people at that dance. The NFL is going to make sure the quarterbacks and satisfied a lot more satisfied than cornerbacks, linebackers, defensive tackles and defensive ends Either way, if you're the NFL, another reason why they can't stop won't stop that kicks off your season. Good luck to any game on Sunday and Monday, trying to live up what we saw last night in Tampa Bay and Dallas. He's joining in on him on Twitter. Jordan Renard. That's our double A n A. N. I'm Freddie Coleman. A lot of AIDS that Hey, at least the vowels game. Let's put it that way. I'm Freddie Coleman, just the O. The E and the That comes to my name up on Twitter. Coleman, ESPN. Part of Freddie Fitzsimmons. 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