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Know who these people are he wants them to suffer sort of humiliation the baby this guy did or minorities do and so he's he's all out for their names let's get him i'm surprised that they haven't been identified right is it relates to of that of unac pretty clearly who they are on does the media have the responsibility of adding them i'm not saying we have the responsibility to find a bit supposes that allegedly were allowed to the public interest in in i don't think there is any i agree like disagree with st rose will i don't think they should out those p is a risk carrying him i think you you end up if you publish their names of people find them and commit violence against them they haven't been charged with a crime yeah what they did was pretty rotten who allowed it steve bartman how did we come to know his name i wealth way was written this week as his came up was if the key we knew it from the cubs but i don't know that the cubs at the first wants to say then uh boy i don't know how we first on doubts debarment it's amazing we don't know who these four people are you know they're friends know who they are in other enemies kinda know who they are the must be somebody to doesn't like in the family are at work that would love to see them give busted but it hasn't happened if the black hawks though found out and release those names and then somebody sought vengeance on them i think that that's on the blackhawks then and i don't think they should or one any part of that there is some responsibility vis okay what whereas seizes what's the public interest in knowing these individuals into is are we saying that the these are the only racist in chicago management i wish are we at risk of them chanting again i mean is that what it is you know they've been punished they bright that somebody said if will dubbed just rudy mitek slide this week will battle teach the next guy not to chant us it's funny too because a lot of people were questioning the depth of the sir they basketball right there like the.

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