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Chiefs have gone three wides away from Kelsey and had Kelton split out the coverage. It's one of one when they do that. I get that formation start working JC. Jackson shotgun. Snap to Mahomes gives to Williams driving up the right hash Williams to the forty three picks up three on that. Kerry. Landon Roberts on the tackle third and short coming up. But first a check in with Rostock Kevin just piggybacking off of Tony's point about Travis Kelsey when they don't split him out when he's attached to the formation. They have had him block a lot. He's been shipping on his way out. They are worried about all the pressure Mahomes has gotten from the stunts. He's been blocking a lot. Third and three hundred forty three three for seven on third down. Now cheeks down seventeen seven late stages of this third quarter Spencer where the running back shift to the right type pressure coming side on. The blitz was coming from Hightower homes drop dick side arm and dropped it to the victory is Harris who picked up ten yards on a slant into patriots territory at the forty seven what a throw five Patrick Mahomes, why he is gonna he goes he's gonna take a shot to. Clayborn ninety four fifty four who comes on block. They have Fisher blocked down to pick up the blitz. And then the sidearm throw hit saving walking in stride Watkins with the catch picks up ten and ten at the forty seven shotgun, snap them a home. Swing pass Williams. Shoulder fake. Spins out of bounds inside the patriot fifteen at the fourteen another big play this on the swing for thirty three yards. And it's first down at the New England fourteen for Kansas City as an outstanding recognition by Patrick home. He understands outside Vanoy is trailing in his late getting out the pickup Williams in the flat. Far a strike Williams. And allows him the workup Zaylon from the fourteen yard line. I doubt shotgun snap to Mahomes while holds floating it for the end zone. Ed Williams open, and he missed it in the back right corner of the endzone Williams had a step on Dante Hightower, and that incompletion we'll take us to the end of this third quarter at the end of three New England trying to get back to the Super Bowl. They lead it seventeen to seven. You're listening to the AFC championship game on Westwood One. A Pizza Hut were more than medium one topping pizza's for.

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