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So while happygolucky lake weirdly wholesome image of which is in the latest insane but like going back and reviewing he's terrible he's awful he's the terrible person i've always felt like the reverence for hugh hefner to be too so discussed sense to me in 'nother one he doesn't even get out of his fucking pajamas arm so looking on eve news right now louis anderson did of sex extortion case was the kid underage because that's what happened to the elmo guy right this is how the the did happen to them this as from um e news uh our main source i mary harney are times a richard john gordon thirty one of mesa arizona was sentenced monday to twenty one months in federal penitentiary for trying to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from the family home first in exchange for not telling a tabloids that andersen asked him for sex i mean the thing is is that like did that guy really think that we were going to think that louis anderson being gay was what made him unappealing for his what makes him on a feeling from wisconsin from wisconsin that road transport user minnesota governor and ghitter see it's like i remain brial faluhi now it now her out he's from st louis is like a friendly guy literally are now he's fine he's just gabi gay may which and the guy is probably has gary's yeah that i believe he went to prison get you live your life louis anderson.

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