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Fritzy best. And worst of the weekend best of the weekend was watching annoy Wisconsin in the snow on Saturday afternoon. I was a lot of fun badgers running back Jonathan Taylor, twenty seven carries for one hundred and fifty nine yards worst in spite of his unblemished record before that kick got to give it to Justin Tucker, missing the game, tying extra point in Baltimore mclovin best and worst of the weekend. Okay. I don't know who to assign blame for this worst. Whoever put Cincinnati on Sunday night, Andy, Dalton, false Owen six on Sunday night and they never competitive Dade flex out the Rams Niners a best way. Wait, you're blaming Sunday nights. Yes, just look at the Bengals or Andy Dolan, but you know what eighty dollars? Like on Sunday night. It's not good. Prime time is not his friend by the way that defense did not have a prayer gets chiefs worth probably worse even to league. Now the best was. Trae young thirty five points. Awesome. All right sheet. No counter best. And worst of the weekend are very good friend of the show and NFL network oats, Melissa stark and see what happened. Handled it like a pro this. She's probably pound for pound toughest NFL reporter right now. Yeah, Milstar got hitting the head. Energy and a lot more going on in the stadium Manzar trickling in since the last time we spoke and yes, you have mentioned it. Oh, okay. Nothing like live television. I'm okay. Moves right on not even phase Kurt Warner took five minutes to get up and yeah, soft soft. My worst of the weekend, unfortunately is the Chris sale thing with the belly button because he doesn't have a belly button ring. He was just messing with reporters to see who would believe it. Yeah, and it was affected. He did well, yeah, he did. Well, I kept thinking if I when I first heard it, I went wait why Chris sale has a belly button ring. In that he went for an infection and that's why he was hospitalized. Can I do another quick Bester? Sure that of all of the people that were thrown out of the game. Lakers rockets one is being drastically undercover d- and that Anthony Keates of the red hot chili peppers was also jetted from the game for fighting in that fight. He was going after rockets players in like staff as they were walking off the court, and they have video of him like, you know, like yelling obscenities and all that stuff and like pushing riots was he suspended from that? Sure. We, their league hasn't come down on that. So the lead singer, the red hot chili peppers. So you're gonna get like suspended from three concert toured somebody. Somebody tweeted that Anthony Keita's got addicted from the Lakers game last night, and he looks like he's wearing a disguise. Well, which is haircut looked like haircut, looks like a wig and he's where he's got like a very dark moustache the I don't like the haircut, this hair strong hair. It's great hair. Well, we had the one that looked a little like MO from the three stooges. Yeah, it might still be a little more. Yeah, that that wasn't. That wasn't necessarily. It's best. Give it away, give it away, give it a win. Now. They got off from the game for fighting fight. It's a good thing. Flee wasn't. There flea wasn't the hell. He wasn't. He didn't hold them back later was supposed to be his LeBron and fleet didn't hold them back. Some flea Flint. He didn't wouldn't a chili. Pepper noted, chill out in a situation like that. No, because they're so hot there. The red hot chili pepper. We could still chilly and chilies not. I mean Chili's by Bisi. I guess what's marketed went out there. So when I pull them out, let them continue. Fine..

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