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Help us mere mortals. How can you help? What would be one, two, three ways that you could help. Me be a better man. Well, I okay. I, you know, I I'm not doing the Val of celibacy. Okay. You're not doing that one up joking. Well, no. I mean, if I could, if you want to do that, I could help you. Not recommending it, but but I can help you. But anyway. Well, God, there's so many things to say. I mean, there's so many things to say started start me off. Pretend pretend like whatever. Like what would be the three things that you would hope that I could? Well, it depends on who the person is with you. We'd have to hang out and I try to be helpful. I'm not primarily guru. But I do have these various situations in this IT p. Ecorse where I'm trying to be helpful at. So sharing what I know. So I, we wrote that book the life wear given George mattered ni- about a two year experiment. We did based on my big book, the future, the body marginally and his book master, and these the marriage of those. And then we cook this thing up and then two years we wrote a book about it. Now it's filled with the ways and means so anybody can take read that book. So I could start with anyone as we do in the book the greatest traditions as well as the greatest crafts. A typically begin with some sort of statement of right attitude right attitude that's in in Buddhism right attitude. But at today, right attitude for me, I. Think must be governed by this vision of heaven and earth. This of what I choosing the call evolutionary pen NT ISM own, which is pan. NTM is the doctrine that divine is will transcend it an imminent within. So the whole. Yeah, Pentium is the divine is just everything is God down here. The ISM is got his everything up their penalty. ISM says both and Evelyn canary simply reminds us that the cosmos is evolving and we are always evolving. All right. So however, that is framed. The first thing is I just say to people, let's say working with sports folks, that right attitude. So let's talk about if you're here, talk about your experiences in the light of this vision. So for example, that's where I hear things like this guy in the locker room, trying to say to him where you and I are one and they're pretty soon they get him in the shower. They thought he was getting, you know, losing it. So the right attitude and language, and then in terms of practices to find. A way forward for yourself in mindfulness practice. Now, if you can meditate, that is great. It is such so much work gets done. So simply huge return on investment, you know, talking to business, but you wanna return on investment. So here you in the simple act..

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