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Weeks Saturday I'M GONNA. Make a masterpiece leg east even often when. I am BC when you know videos of like heavy like word. When silently I found that I need to create the most and I think because a scape for my mind to create art. And now because I have all of these time, available every. Time. I don't know I just I. Find it really difficult to. Properly focused on and make something. So. I think I have been trying to. The. We really responsible in a sense of. Okay you know? I am not going to leave as I used to leave before the pandemic because that's the whole point. that. Since supposed to feel the same way as before or the wise, we are not doing things right. so I think this has been. A might add of. That I into. s still make my own work like in. I'm. Even looking archives on the inter- night till to keep inspired myself but. Being gentle with myself and thinking well if I'm finding the three men to make. It took. The? Let's really mature because I think people responded very differently. Some people making law. 'cause that fails support for them. And I think it's like three just like. When of were that some constraints by himself? You know you're working. Go Daydream This that I'm the Newark as well. You seem to flower Shandra. Certain sort of pressure is quite good for you, but now that you save got open-ended time. I'm that's not helping. But you'll reading some ready curious to know what you're reading. So. I am reading the story of pain. And I think is quite fascinating like to see. I I. Love the title because. Now called the story of pain because pain can be dated. And I absolutely love the fact that you know is a human experience. And even everybody feels pain differently. Manasseh how other people react to pain? As well like a very different like. So at the moment on. I was trying to see if I make some kind of parade. About pain. but I am there. I just don't know. He's GonNa come or these. Here. and was it that really attracted you to the apart from the fact that it's not a history. It's a story which makes it sounds like there's multiple experiences. Why did you feel that you need to be a? Why did you feel you needed to read that book? I. I came up after conversation with another artist and live away of. We were both in the same boat of. Item feel like creating now like I. Don't know how I like an talking about. I guess it is when you have lost someone in your life like I lost my mom. When I was quite young, so. I just think. It is stemmed when you realize. The pain. That means to lose this. On now that we are in this pandemic. some thanks feel like. The people who is not taking the issues that they still it may be because they didn't lost their loved ones. I'm think. Thinking about all of the? and. Watching US welcome documentaries about you know they black black play and past pandemics everything. I I, so something that. Pain transform you and Bain transform societies and paint transform humans, and because I am in this loop about transformation I feel. He we on bow, lay in this moment of uncertainty. I'm paying and I want to know how the pain is going to transform us the same way. I felt and as formation loosen my mother. How always society transforming. I'm how you know. We are going to come out of this if excess. I just want to get the book as soon as we get off this interview. I'M GONNA. Be Looking for on long during big Old Burgess thing I. I think that about the pain being transformative because I was talking with my mom, she's ninety two online she's. She's lived through the Second World War. She's quite stoical. I was talking with him wondering when these incredible pressurizing situations. Why disarm paypal seem to be. Afflicted with the most awful trauma and trauma, especially like PTSD IN COMPLEX PTSD. It's like stock record. It goes round and round round, and other people seem to feel quite stoical. And that was like there seemed to be like a fork in the road between. Different experiences and then I then I thought was the by intergenerational trauma when. Generations have got the. Freedom to even begin to explore their pain. So they push it down and they carry on, keep calm and carry on something, and then the next generation, the generation of that other people to express the full extent. What's happened? I mean that's a complex so. Discussion because it can't really be measured than there is something about intergenerational drum being real thing. But. As as just add in what you're saying about. The trans formative quality of pain which egner. Has. Everything you know it's sadness, but it also has optimism at has. Sold about creating new meaning and living differently. So thank you answer I've got one more question. And Desperate HOUSEMAN PEOPLE I've. Thought about a world or question asking them to respond to win whatever way and I've done a bit of a you of just use the intuitively. I've just been writing down the. So the question for you is where is home? I think. Many places I think nowadays a home is where I feel safe. Home is where I feel myself. And I think I, a half few homes nowadays. So I feel that I have a home here in England. Because I feel at home at my house with my boyfriend and I feel like he made me feel at home and my friends around me. I feel at home. But then I have my home in a Spain, and that would always be my home so when I go back to my parents on my see my dad and my brother. is like a nevertheless. Then I don't remember you know. When did I leave like you know this is my home. I! Think yeah, I think I yeah. You can bill home. As long as you have your loved ones around. You know anywhere. Slow beautiful. Slash mice on the. Absolutely love lay. I think that's a really nice place to. End The interview. Tender soft place, but I'm just say huge signed Q to Paloma people can find online. They can enjoy your work. The really comprehensive websites of people can say they can. For you on Instagram Social Megyn. They want something more current, but I definitely definitely recommend anybody. To go to your website, because the work is absolutely outstanding. Airs. I love your work. That's absolutely amazing. It's like. What you say, and then your talk about transmission. The your life has changed after. Ucla new bring something entirely new..

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