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Wasn't it like three. Let's see rothlisburger. No he was picked at eleven. Now listen office. That's here the All right so. I'm just going to give you the players that Made a pro bowl. Eli manning number. One obviously Pick number three arizona. Cardinals larry fitzgerald though could pick then philip rivers. You swapped Pick number five. Washington redskins sean. Taylor telling winslow the second roy williams de ngelo hall. Ben rothlisberger jonathan vilma. Chicago bears defensive tackle. Tommie harris eagles guard. Shaun andrews defensive end. Will smith number twenty one vince. Wilford tackle miami the u. Rams picked stephen jackson twenty. Four texans picked jason babin. -fensive end twenty-seven benjamin watson never went to bro. It's not always solid. Never spectacular new colts picked at number forty four in the second round bob. Sanders presold draft. However i have a friend a bunch of people he said seven wide receivers of drafted only fizi mid the problem. Here i'll give you some other names Jags pick reggie williams bills buffalo bills legend lee evans. He's okay bucks picked. Michael clayton was numbers. Name bill also pick lost lawson Let's see michael. Jenkins for the falcons rashawn woods for the niners. None of the bills must have come out of that. Draft field Detail were like. Our offense sevens fix the offense. What's next so i. I have a friend. Who's almost as big a nerd. We are or i am i. Guess yeah don't from all and he put together All the players who are still left in-draughts since tom brady got drafted so brady draft in two thousand right. So he's obviously the last person left in the two thousand draft Nobody left in two thousand one drafts. Now that drew brees retired. Not let in two thousand and two drafts. Josh mccown retired two years ago. Nobody left in two thousand. Three's and chasing wit retired this year again. I think teddy from two thousand four there are three players left. One of them is andy. Lee the punter. Can you name the other two. Fizi your burger. That's right although larry fitzgerald not technically currently on a team right now trae isn't that the team might be down to two. And then two thousand five aaron rodgers mike nugent frank gore richie incognito. Dan colquitt and ryan. Patrick though brady might outlast one two three four five as definitely drafts of guys. Ready to hang it up. That's insane so shout out to brian from paths chaplain that together. Because that's fucking crazy shit but yes all right. So that was the draft basha crazy and this team is one of like. I think like you always see a lot of people talking about the premier offense of the day. All patrick mahomes is the second best quarterback ever behind. Tom brady and i think people forget about how terrifying peyton manning was as a quarterback. Do you think the home planet. I dunno not yet. That's what i'm saying but people are like. Oh i mean it's it's it's tom brady Aaron rodgers and patrick mahomes people you hear about..

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