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Africa, Grisham, Dodgers discussed on BBC World Service


Is diversity fuss. Lots of students from different countries. Kenya? Rwanda uganda? Zimbabwe Malawi you name it here. And we're just discussing the future of Africa integration of Africa. And before we went into a brick you're making a point. What's your name again? Lizzy Lizzy, you're basically rubbishing deal veto Grisham. Basic hours, not rubbishing the idea of it. I was saying it has to have an intention behind. It is the intention is then you have you have to ask for whose benefit do we integrate is it companies rather can move freely within the within the community is it for people on the ground because as an individual canyon. I've never seen particularly may be ignorant of the benefits of integration. If it's social reasons why again, you have a hold on you said earlier on in the program that you know, the the region comes to you don't go to it. You haven't traveled much. So there is a benefit to you the region does not come to me because the government. So the states have made any proper efforts to do it. It's because traffic is very popular with a lot of African students. That is the only reason that I get a lot of exposure to struggling students from all over the place. It's not big because at the same time. I get students from from from all these other places, and it's not because we in the same economic community. But because strat, boys popular. I would say it's it it has to do with him. Strathmore being able to reach people through so many things that have been. Enabled struck me to reach runs and to rich people from across the world, like, you know, technology, and all that stuff all that has enhanced our ideas of integration. And I think I would I would basically saying things are getting better. It's not as bad as she portrays. Yes, I am quite optimistic about the idea of integration. I do think a lot needs to be done in a practical sense. But I think that east Africans and Africans in general understand and see increasingly that the simulated that there are not that it's any fiction at at all we are more similar than we are different. But the reason I don't think that will work. It's because when you think about Africa in east Africa, you think about a black native, you don't think about the people who must say that you are of south east. Just tell me about your bedroom. Yeah. I'm South Asian. I'm fifth generation. My family was brought slaves by the British. And by the Arabs to work in the coolest and on the railway, but I'm still not viewed as an East African I'm still viewed as a South Asian, so in that regard this integration. But for the black natives not the rest of us who found ourselves the argument, a little block natives will say is that wait a minute agents have been done enough to integrate as well. You know, they don't allow African men today the dodgers tomorrow them, they don't allow them into their homes. They don't arrest them..

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