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Apparently you expect more from. US, otherwise, you wouldn't be kicking me in the ASS. You did and I appreciate it. I'm I'm not looking at it. You scolding us. For being bad people I'm looking at you. Saying Hey. We expect more out of you. We know you you know us. We know us, so we WANNA do better. I don't know anyone's calling drew carey saying hey, prices right, you really should. A segment on their about what's going on in America. They're not gonNA, do it. I sometimes look to show as the twenty minute getaway from things. That fatigue you, the problem is is we're also being a twenty minute getaway from the things that are important and that's where. I lost my footing. So on behalf of my best friends and my family who I work with every day here at the morning show. We want to do better. But we need you to help us. You know what's happened here is this story has become a story that's gone for from a murder. In Minneapolis where a police officer! took the life of George Floyd! It's now become a story about. Not The the peaceful protest aren't even making it. It's it's the it's the other static. It's the. Looting. It's the riots and stuff like that. You know even if if you want to go out and protest peacefully, you can't. Because other people are merging into your lane. They're pushing you away. You deserve to be heard. So. However, we can do it if you can. You can text us at fifty five one hundred. You can call straight nate. He's got nothing to do to take your call. At one, eight, hundred, two, four, two, zero, one hundred. And there you go. With that said with Gandhi. What what's on your mind? What are you thinking? I! Don't I don't even know where to start with it I'm sad and a Lotta Times which I would ask you guys to excuse me. My voice is probably GonNa. Break because I really teary, but I'm not. As sad as I am very angry right now. and sometimes I get frustrated. That comes out that way I think I had some really really great conversations with people this weekend to and I had some really sad conversations with people this weekend who have been in my life for a long time and I didn't think I had to explain certain things to them or tell them like this is my life, even though we've grown up together, this is what things have been and it's been. Eye Opening.

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