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Then on Saturday rocky mountain pro in the afternoon <hes> held a live event at the Lucia Cantina in Littleton Colorado so grandjean out a little bit Ed and <hes> hitting another part of the Denver Colorado area in introducing themselves to that area they kind of looted up theme style sense. It wasn't celebration of Cinco Good Demayo even though it was may the force be with you and <hes> got to talk a little bit about Star Trek and Star Wars with the Murky Matt Hayden and Curtis Cole there <hes> on on that that day was also free Comic Book Day as well for all the nerds as Chongo Bronson with say so but it was a great event great you know being outside and watching professional wrestling in the kitchen knows nice sunrays so that was Kinda fun to see we got to see a couple of newcomers to rocky mountain pro and that was Gordo and the Blue Panther take on some of the Rocky Mountain Stars that we're used to so that's always kinda fun. When you get to see a lot of new people hey and then speaking of <hes> seems New People that you haven't seen before like I have <hes> Primoz <hes> pro wrestling held their Omega nine tournament Saturday evening at watering bowl there in <hes> Denver Colorado and they had a lot of great matches in conjunction with girl fight wrestling <hes> that was <hes> fun to see <music> some people that I have not seen before mixed it up there with the local girl women? I've seen <hes> you know in other promotions and see all the time and also good to catch up with some of the women I haven't seen in a while just is because of scheduling conflicts or whatever though we had <hes> A._J.. Pereira believe <hes> that's her name when the Oh mega tournament and then on Sunday we we had the Alpha nine tournament Lotta great matches we have special appearance by two Cold Scorpio took on the primos champion monsters zero filter big Phil Dog whatever you call him and and it was great to see a living legend in the ring take on champion and they had a knock out knock down dragging of a fight so it was fun are <hes> eventual winner. There was a hunter gray very well deserved of course I am a big fan of the norsemen hunter gray and <hes> every time get to see him. I'm enjoying my hiking experience so that was it that I attended and I knew there was some other events that <hes> I did not behave you guys ever want to send in your thoughts <hes> hey email them in or <hes> to <hes> podcast at wrestling with altitude dot com or tweet us at wrestling Russell altitude or even hit us up on the facebook so <hes> great to hear any kind of your thoughts and I'll try to read them on the show but hey let's talk about what we got on tap here for the wrestling with altitude area professional wrestling and that is we are starting the weekend off off.

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