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Gordon's is read by mid western university multi specialty clinic adult nineteen is being held without bond for the fatal shooting of a mother of eight as she drove forever children home from daycare and beyond find they'll is charged with first degree murder in the death of forty year old Marcio Bowman Bowman was had allegedly by bullets fondle fire to two rivals outside his home last month an Ohio video game player upset about an online bed is been sentenced to fifteen months in prison for recruiting another man to make a bogus emergency call that resulted in the fatal shooting of a Kansas man by police back in twenty seventeen the judge also imposed a restriction on gaming activity by nineteen year old Casey Byner of north college hill for two years a persons in custody following a hit and run that killed a fifty three year old woman in Deerfield this afternoon in the eight hundred block of Waukegan road police found her lying in the Deerfield bakery parking lot the investigation is on going and now WGN sports here's Kevin pass thank you Kim Gordon cubs hosting the pirates in their series opener at Wrigley they lead the Bucks ten to seven in the fifth it's still in Kobe on the mound with the white Sox visit the mariners in Seattle final road trip of the season for the south siders pre games at eight thirty five with mark Carman first pitch at nine ten with AT and DJ Blackhawks defenseman Calvin de Haan ruled out for the start of training camp is expected to miss two to three weeks the twenty eight year old the Han coming back from right shoulder surgery it's also dealing with a growing strain he was acquired instead. I don't know behind it does can talk to on he looked extremely healthy when we saw the Blackhawks convention as I said earlier he looked like he had his shirt painted on him he was in such great shape hockey players are belts but dealing with some lingering injuries out two to three weeks the team also says a first round draft pick forward Kirby doc out because he's a concussion protocol I don't think we did anything there he's been in studio with us you look perfectly fine there's no use funny was all come all the guys we talking to and it's it's funny because our guy Murphy is going to come on with us kind of Murphy's coming up at six o'clock and I I will put him on the phone though right because I don't want to get hurt I want to be around keep him away from the injury bug over here right the last thing I need is Jeremy called them looking at me like he does we already give it at what can I don't need anymore does if you wanna see German counts in and the black ox up close we got the hockey it's go do the training camp festival Sunday begins at eight the scrimmages at eleven tickets five dollars general admission by **** dot com for ticks came its service key in the offense figured out again Vic Fangio as defense will David McCumber get more touches what sort of pressure can the bears defense generate against a banged up offense of line a few things to watch the Sunday when the bears visit the Broncos in Denver Broncos won't have starting right tackle joined James he's out with a knee injury on the bears injury front trade Burton Eddie Goldman it could cause skin blonde Nichols all listed as questionable three twenty five kick off Sunday our post game with capital B. begins at seven a northwestern's home opener tomorrow afternoon at Ryan field they take on you and all of the games that to kick off two thirty with Dave and it and Ted Albrecht on the home of the Blackhawks northwestern Wildcats and white Sox baseball Kevin Powell WGN sports your money traffic your mother next on WGN there was any.

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