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Hosts, blackjack Brad and Kansas City little, Brighi Blue Eyes, and now baseball together. Welcome Baseball family I am bread, and as always I'm joined our Guy Brig. So baseball family. and. We are here this week. With actually a surprisingly active week of baseball outside of the world series there were some things said something's going on and we're GONNA get into it. You ready to get into a break dude yes I'm so ready. All right. Let's get into first things. First Reggie. Jackson. Has decided to chime in on how things are going just in the playoffs in general about the home runs backflips and quite. Frankly. Brig. October wants you to get off his lawn. Simply. Okay Well. Say that. Sorry. There it is. There it is. You were all thinking it. Okay. We were thinking that. Was Yeah but he thinks. He. Thinks players did settle down there needs to be a line drawn with a celebrations. He's like, yeah, it's fine. It's fun to. Go out there. Do backflips hit home runs and stuff he's put you shouldn't be disrespecting the team it's like. Nobody's disrespecting anybody. The only people who are being disrespected the ones who feel like they're being disrespected because they're giving up on runs or they're sensitive in the moment which it Every pitcher they know as soon as the ball hits the bat that it's going out right yet they turn around some of them don't even turn around, but they all cuss kicks dirt and get the ball. The celebration is not directed at anybody. It's directed to. The team's dugout right this moment. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah so I saw this and I was like. Man Somebody's getting out of touch with baseball I mean. Do you how much do you agree disagree with this break? Do you think do you think Mister October is a little out of balance here? Why Reggie. Jackson's been out balanced with a lot of competitive sides. You know his career for a long time. which is caveat is part of what makes him spectacular Right. He's great for the same reasons you. All are that way so I don't know if I could disparage him for it and is, but is he out of touch as this old school? Yes and I wonder if maybe the biggest point of disparity. is his perception of his influence. That's that's what. To me, it's like so when Griffey speaks we all bow. Still, right? Yeah. But but I feel like Reggie has been outside the spotlight for just long enough and the you know the generation that idea idolized him. Is less active quite honestly I mean they're they're losing faith in the game and it's indicative. you know through the fan base, and now you know some of these older players are speaking the same same ways that some of that fan basis feeling I guess the best way to put it. So yeah, I don't think he's off base I. Think He's speaking for on behalf of his constituency if you will is demographic. and he's he's the mouthpiece for a Lotta People's feelings. I just think he is a disproportionate opinion of his influence right now. That's a perfect way to put it. Yeah. Yeah. It's just Old School meets new school old school doesn't like school. Old School tells new school to settle down. Br and that's just so reads the history books. Yeah exactly right. All of them yes. No. Yeah. I mean I. I always say, and this is not me that's still listen from somebody..

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