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All out there doing this shining on them because they hated baby living your best life do what it is that you do that to dude at chew. My gosh i just a so. It's so whereas baby. And why do i tell you that are not out. Dsl fell baby First of all because gab made you their way yes out the you go. Oh my gosh. He is rewarded to those that diligently seek him yes and what does the second reason while i tell you that i know the children out there so thorough and so as baby out there listening to me man and this is just such a day. Put it out there pieces point and it's a third thing did i tell you all to Already know what that is right. I gotta give a shout to my. Hey it is and what do that is heinous. Joel say you ready on three one two three. This work Yes y'all need this work to and if you're just coming over to the whole justice such jay you wait a minute hold on. Is this lady jaye and what she always giving shot to hate us list. Then explain to you. Hey is acknowledgement backwards. People really don't hate you baby. They love you this. Just put this piece for you right. So what happens when you sat in right like you got this little light on the inside of who the shining real bright why this guy come through. And when he comes to right he put you out the a pieces rifle. He sure we is with the pieces. So what happens is a lot of times during the dark. The naysayers disbelief booze. You hate is the people like. There won't be all nosy and stuff. They in the dark and light home. My gosh so bright like examine in like blondes them. You know the light does something to the darkness being munition just touching trump this up the pace for you okay. So what happens is it kind. Light shines real bright and it gets it gets their attention so they start coming over like. Wait a minute my ball. That's when they act like they really kinda like like you really don't want to see going on then we'll see what's up with them pieces so look let me tell you how thorough god is god does is right and so on twenty three. He says you know what we that happens. I'm prepared table for you in a presents. the enemy. yeah yeah yeah he does. He says i'm going to know what your hair oil you. So when they tried to go ahead and mess with you it i slide on off you know it. Don't bother you. He said did i'm malaysia. Cup run over okay. Right in front of him. That's not the blessed you everything you need is imagine this yard is. I just need you to put him on around this thing here here. You are sitting at this table and in naysayers disbelieves. The nosy people people believe in you. People was hating on. You're doing all that other type of you know attributed trading stuff. They do on you. They all like look they all watch right and guys right in front of you but parents amazing table right in their presence right and they gotta watch home. That's why trying to tell you only need this work okay. So when they watch what happens is they wanna get blessed by the message. Whatever message he uses for that individual to bring them over so what you say is. Because i need this work yes. Y'all need this work to. Could you remember this. The mamba trump a dumb on you know you had to come over. Somebody's table to to see some baby. And this adjusted. Such j trump. A piece for solo have been gone over to monday. Ms are an acidosis on instagram. Baby all my gosh mama been dropping at zan you. Yes but bid jumping no you. Yes okay quick this thing right here so i've been dropping exam on you damn african american and you know just like sling okay. But i've been putting it out the pieces free okay. I've been like giving you that business that worked at goodness everything that you need has been on. My name is our in our six on instagram. The justice such a j instagram page as well so look mama had recorded low video. I had to go live about the documentary. Their matto joel. Awhile ago that i was doing the documentary about everything down went through since november. Being ill and all of that paul. Yes maybe this is. Just it's such a j. So i have put it out for you so make sure you go check it out. Okay also check it out on my youtube channel. Have five of those. I'm combining all of those together so make sure you check it out on their to baby. This is just a touch j. There's an article on black vibes dot com that you can check out to and assimilation and mile. Now guess what else is going on. My name is oh not so simple as the grandbaby. Oh my gosh. Y'all got my app trenton. Y'all got all these good things going on To doing for me. I'm putting is relational pose. Oh and guess what. Yesterday i wish the featured author four the book that i'm gonna be in by god's this is today put those pieces out there for you to so just go over there man. I got my nieces on their cute selves. My children all my guys. Like i said a lot of good inspiration is on there and that's just pieces for you. Okay so go over there. Check it out doing this she do. Some music is on your everything on such a baby. This is pieces for you. Now look skating on over to the left to the left. So what gets head yet. It's to you about making love these kitchen making these kissing. Yes okay so look you remember. I was one hundred panels in january. They had lost their weight from being. Ill a little guzman. Hillary so i can make a lombi's kitchen. Guess what. I tried yesterday cabbage. Oh my gosh after cambridge before and it just didn't do good with me. You know pat lila allergic symptoms to it and it was sending me a shock and audits. I try to yesterday and saute. Some alabama was listened to a guy told me to do. And oh my gosh. It was amazing. So look this test today. That's another vegetable ahead on the list. Also a chicken the other week you know. I'm to on land okay. I'm going to need to all corners. Hans i'm going to be tall. Well i'll go to be exact. Should be all my gotcha suggested saturday onto a so many new things food. I have been making these kitchen. And i cannot wait to bring it to you the cooking. Show that we're going to have you guys get to join and be online and it's going to be on zone it's strange. Oh my gosh. She's so many amazing things will make an these kitchen an brouhaha. 'cause guy tim making love in the kitchen the cookbook on facebook skin on not.

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