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On Saturday, highs a little bit at least, but the humidity will stay low. One more Sunday with sunshine, but once again, low humidity highs mid to upper 80s. I'm storm team fours Mike stina for right now we're at 80 in Silver Spring fort belvoir checks in at 78. It's 80 in foggy bottom in northwest D.C.. It's three 40 Baltimore prosecutors have asked a judge to vacate the murder conviction of adnan syed. The case drew national attention when featured in the first season of the podcast serial. Odd non syed is serving a life sentence convicted of strangling his girlfriend and high school classmate hay men Lee in 1999. Baltimore states attorney Marilyn Mosby says sayed it should be given a new trial because while the state is not asserting his innocence, there's a lack of confidence in the integrity of the conviction. The prosecutor's office as a nearly yearlong investigation revealed undisclosed and new information about two alternative suspects, prosecutors are recommending sayyed be released as the investigation continues, particularly on WTO P news. Could the end of the COVID pandemic be on the horizon? The number of newly reported cases has dropped dramatically and debts are the lowest since 2020. World Health Organization chief Tedros Gabriel says we have never been in a better position to end the pandemic. We are not there yet. But the end is inside. Silly warned the numbers could be deceptive because so many countries have cut back on testing. And CBS correspondent cami McCormick. NASA would like to launch its new moon rocket, though there have been a couple of delays. Now, we've got a launch date. NASA says its Artemis rocket will be ready for launch September 27th, but if things don't go as planned, a backup date could also be set for October 2nd. Engineers are still working on an issue with the rocket called the space launch system or SLS, which sprung a leak as it was getting fueled up with liquid hydrogen earlier this month. NASA was forced to scrub its first two launch attempts. If all goes well, this time around, testing can officially begin. Artemis aims to get humans back on the moon by 2025. Monica ricks, CBS News. The California winemaker behind the popular Trader Joe's wine known as two buck chuck has died. Fred franzia died yesterday from unknown causes at his home in California. He founded the wine company with his brother and cousin back in 1973. In an Instagram post, the Bronco wine company says that Fred believed in creating high quality wines at an affordable cost to consumers. It was definitely affordable. The company's famous Charles Shaw wine sells for just a buck 99 a bottle. Fred franzia was 79. You can not beat a buck 99 for a bottle of wine. So what's the big sports news today, Sean? We've got, let's see. I think we've got the Orioles and the nationals playing today. We also got to the commanders back at practices. They get ready for the Lions. All right. Well, Brett Goldstein lookalike. We all appreciate it. It really does, Ben raby will be up next three 43. In order for small businesses to thrive, they need to be smart, efficient, agile, staying ahead of the market at every turn, and finding ways to do

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