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Is a veteran chris miller is a senior outreach coordinator and voting laven who is a gold star mother and a senior family outreach coordinator we welcome uh chris welcome back and mody welcome back all right thanks for having a cow absolutely and you you know disservices that you guys provide you help with ptsd you help with families help with traumatic brain injury any help with military sexual trauma some people might not come it might not really can wrap their mind around the military sexual trauma chris what does that involved and ended how does that surface itself it's a really unfortunate thing uh the the exists not just inside the military but inside of our culture uh work culture campus culture um you know it it said that sort of rape culture that mentality that uh you know they did existed in the military uh you know it can be exacerbated by the chain of command being involved in the the differences between the military judicial system and uh the civilian judicial system so there's a lot of factors that happened in it but you know at the end of the day it's it's sexual assault that occurs in the workplace um and it's an alarming rate uh you know somewhere between thirty and forty percent of the uh female service members are you don't have experience this uh and when you look at all the numbers uh as a whole there's uh you know just as many men are affected as women uh by that's it happens regardless of gender you know uh however it happened i it's happening uh so we're we're doing what we can on our end uh to help folks worth through these issues um and and some of those trails of trust in that trust or huge enough military world so it's a really difficult issue but uh or we're happy to be able to work with folks that uh have experienced this we've been able to bring him in from all over the country um in group settings as well as uh you know private individual counselling for it and then uh interesting to to work with let's talk a little bit kgb on nova's there is a monthly community.

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