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I don't think cano stephen miller or a mike anton or steve bannon are a white supremacists i think it's ridiculous i do think that that infamous bannon quote uh where he said by by the time he was running it as a platform for the all right you know that those who is not a win went inducing innate meant i pick it look even worse than a light of what happened and charlton all but my my advice to friend my friend on the left would be you know now that we have like real neonazi the foot milan let let's use the word racism as a real descript her like an honesttogoodness literal descript or rather than a political bludgeoned to hit anyone we don't like you know george w bush had an extremely clear moral found on this stuff was routinely call the racist you know he botched the response to katrina as publicly heated black people enviable nwpp attack them because while he was governor of texas there was it a hideous racist murder and by the way he put the guy who did it on death row so let's reserve the charges of racism for honest the goodness racist and unfortunately we have more of them that we might have thought early state they feel emboldened but still also on that front you know maybe they had five hundred people there in charlottesville for national rallied up not a lot for an ungodly rally you know it's more than we've seen in the past the that disturbing but still it doesn't mean the the you know the country is uh on the verge of being a y mart germany or anything like that at certainly more than he certainly more than you ever want to see i always feel in these situations that the overt racists people like this there such a tiny a group of people it's just their sheer noxious nece makes them seem like they're more of a problem than they really are now i'm looking it did pull data that just came out today and it's hard to say like it's it's drop down a little bit but i don't i don't know if this is really going to change too much for trump what do you think this the gallup poll yeah it you know i my republican pollster friends think of what it is the colder under a polling republican.

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