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Corporation dedicated to a mere quote now creating awareness of appreciation for comics and related popular the art forms that is a legitimate charitable endeavor soak today it's as comecon international and run by a very small group this organizing committee and a lot of them have been with comecon for decades so the founding father of comecon is regarded dog shell dwarf is given the get the credit for this i'm going to go through a few of the biographies of the people who started all this because it is fascinating stuff so shell dwarf the founding father any did it to bring people together and that's why established a convention so let's go back nineteen seventy fear comic and sciencefiction fans came together to put on the first comic book convention southern california schell dwarf ken kruger richard alf than a guy by the name and mike towery three of those four have since died so let's talk about who they are show dwarf finally father started loving and got into comics at the age of six he went to the art institute chicago and was a freelance commercial designer and when he was thirty three this nineteen 64 he took the comics from his collection that wind and then brought them to a swat meet that allow comic fans to solar trade there ware so it was a swap meet that had a section for comic fans he ended up by joining with that swat me creator to create the detroit triple fanfare this is just for comic and science fiction was a yearly event and that was the first one to feature comics as the big main component and fans started calling it the first i comecon although that term was not yet coined until later on in new york was the first comic convention so in the early nineteen seventy shelled dorf mussa san diego to care for his parents and immediately starts working to put together the first san diego comecon why a after beating up with a few other likeminded guys so keep in mind comecon is in san diego because shell dwarf happened to move the san diego to care for his parents in two thousand nine unfortunately he died of complications of diabetes at the age of seventy six then the other guy can kruger are in 1930 nine he was in 13 so these are not youngsters.

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