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That's lady gang to thirty thirty thirty. Well, this welcome to the lady gang me say that again, eighty Jiang things are about to change around here each week. We catch up with Hollywood's hottest girl posse Kilty night, Becca, Tobin, and Jack Vanik. Brady gang. I am New York City, Becca Tobin. Next to me is Jack panic, New York City, gigantic, New York City. Tonight. I wanna be a part of it. Why did you do that? No, he enjoyed that. Everyone enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. Then I. This, is this on tall Campbell? No, no, that's it. Freight at we're still in a hotel room in case. Wondering we live here now. Okay. And what are we calling this like the New York session, New York sessions? I like that's cool. Sounds like it's like a mix tape after he shows so successful. Then we can have spinoffs like Jack and Becca take in New York. Like my stern like when you're too busy, unlike show take London or something, it'd be like healthy and Elena take a nap. Sounds about right. It sounds about right. Smart. Okay. So now it's time for good we? Yes, it is. No going. I because I am pissed off. Oh God. Here we go. I've been on a clean eating moment, like trying my best to not eat crap. Although New York did throw like it's hard here because you're like in a hotel and what's Elmo, you know. But the other day had raging PMS and I was like, I must get my Tuffah Fe, sparkling water and drink it, curb this PMS. So I go into the CVS or Walgreens or wherever I was. They don't have any say they're sold out. Well, I would suspect that because Tofte for Fe is delicious. Everyone wants. So I had to go and have turtles turtles. It's like like a weird mixie of can't. None of these things taste good either. Now they're as good. I tried to for the first time when we brought it to you in the hospital. Yeah, get it. Good. So the turtles, it's like a little chocolate mixture and I was like, what this PMS is so raging. I'm not. Going to get a two pack. I'm gonna get the share size, and I'm going to share it with myself. And I bought it and it was supposed to have four turtles in it opened the package. There was only three, you know what you can do and how dare thank tweet them and they'll send you like a basket of them. You guys when I was like in seventh grade, I went through this phase complete complained about things. So I would rather like those girls on the lady gang group that just complained to get free shut. No, that's what I did, but I was also twelve, but I would write my big red like my big red gum is stale, and then they would send me this huge box of big red guard. Dick, I know such bad karma for business. I know 'cause people do it to me all of a sudden this probably from my big red karma being an asshole. Anyway, I was also twelve again, Hugh turtles. I'm going back through us going back to Tuffah Fe next period. Okay, good week, you know, we always say we have a face for radio. Okay. I came up with the new one. What? She's got a face for radio personality for Instagram. Because those people that are so famous on Instagram board, it's not a face Frodo and definitely. For genius because you're like, it's like so many of those people that their lives are so mazing and they're in these exotic places, no fashion, some point. And then. Cure rate zero like to know. Wall a brick wall person. I like I like that too. That's great. You, wow, I can't believe you guys actually liked one thing I've done. Did you make your soul now? I read it somewhere. Oh, damn. So it wasn't all right coined by someone else Jack go, okay, so my good week is I don't know if you guys saw this, but you know, suave the rand shampoo and conditioner. So they did this whole the trolled the internet. Basically they set up this whole thing where they put suave shampoo and conditioner into these new fancy millennial cool, expensive bottles, and the had women like millennial women, try it and then asked them like the interviewed them and they're like, how did you like this new brand? It was like fifty dollars a bottle and all these girls like it's the best shampoo I've ever used a fell for it, and it was like a three dollar suave shampoo..

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