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From a ten count indictment against human from colorado and utah. Now massa's remarks highlight the challenge prosecutors faced in defining the most severe criminal conduct allegedly committed on january. Six prosecutors have employed obstruction charge rather than sedition insurrection counts accusing at least two hundred thirty five. Defendants of correctly disrupting congress's certification of the twenty twenty electoral college. Vote so attorneys for braiding. Olten and patrick montgomerie claimed that specific offense did not apply to them arguing that the join house and senate session that meant january six does not qualify as an official proceeding of congress which is a fucking crazy argument and they were certifying about mostly clear. He was not persuaded by that claim at this point. Thank god but in the pursuing of similar challenges brought by more than a dozen capital riot defendants in eight cases. Moss ordered further briefing by all sides over the underlying question of how the justice department distinguishes felony conduct under the statute punishable by up to twenty years in prison for misdemeanor offenses such as shouting to interrupted congressional current moss who was appointed to district court for the district of columbia in two thousand. Fourteen said that the government could face a constitutional vagueness problem if it cannot Excuse me articulate and mess. Up particular laid to put clearly unnoticed. How corruptly obstructing. Your influence in congress differs from ordinary trespassing parading or disorderly conduct in the capital lesser charges lesser charges. That are punishable by no more than six months in prison. Is this big deal. They need to fix this. We knew this one. I think you said this one of the first charges may charged first person. The way they did it we were like this is going to sit a really bad precedent but ford is coming to ahead..

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