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The dream worked great when it was the normal type types think that was it was in the in the in the countertop. But now it now airlocks. There's no doubt it's an airlock because I couldn't take my hand and pushed America Rich tea. Oh, You might get green. So my question is is well, I call it a birthday. I don't know that real true name for it. Can I put it in line birth bent and solve this problem, Or is it because It doesn't have an overflow. Its is more along the surface area of the great Strainers What I found. Unfortunately, I don't have a simple fix for it. Different manufacturers make different size great strainers. And all of the grid. Strangers are known to get air bubbles locked underneath them and kind of slow the drainage down. So another option of dream, which is similar, is umbrella train, which pops up and down. And some of them have a little bit more of it adjustment. Now there's two versions. There's one with an overflow in wood without an overflow. I doubt your vessel sink has an overflow, so just make sure you don't want Okay, so one without an overpriced solvers, too, But I chose this simply because we never used that. Clog. It is the thing to stop it so Guess I'm go back Woman s'more today. Yeah. You know if somebody may have come up with an easy fix for it, I just haven't seen 11 that's widely available yet. You know, it always comes down to William. If you got two choices to pick from and you're doing a project yourself, and it's a big project. You're always like going to pick the wrong one. I always do that. It's like don't need 38. So I didn't have 3 8.5. Illustrated by him off and then return it exactly. Thanks to the call William. Let's go to Tony in Tallapoosa. Tony, you're on the home fix it show How are you doing doing well, Tony? A. My question is, uh, Years ago saw a in Omni magazine, which I don't think they have it anymore. Uh, a recirculating system for houses. That does not need a pump. So my question is Does it matter if I have the check valve at the hot water heater or the farthest point? Of my recirculating system. You know, I know what has to slant down toward the hot water heater. Does it matter if I have the check out there or at the water heater? We got about a minute, man. Well, the system's without a pump very rarely work anymore because of other efficiency upgrades and plumbing systems and on top of water heaters, So in most cases, you're going to need a pope to move that water to circulate it. On been typically, I would put the check valves I would put I would put in in line checked out on the Cold Water Inlet and then in mine check traveling on the hot water return line, But the heat traps in the water heater couldn't prevent water from from circulating gravity fete. S O. So you if you address that issue, remove those, Uh he traps and remanufacturing the water heater, so to speak, then you could do it that way without without a pump and use what's called a gravity return system, but otherwise it Probably easier. Just install a pump and and hook it up. Just like the drawings are with that Come with the poem. Excellent. That sounds like an all day project that when you get done, you can kind of clap your hands together and go did that. Yeah, that would qualify you for the Yep, I really did that segment when we do, uh, that on the home fix it. So where people calling and brag about what they did around their house? That would be great. Well, it's always there doing it right there. Welcome to brag. There you go. Well, part of the fun of doing that segment of people that do it wrong and they know they did it wrong, and they laugh at themselves and we have a good time. Yeah. Listen to the home fix it Show in 95.5 WSB Dave Baker here. Matt Byrne is with us on the home, fix it hotline and standing by, And now if we made her angry she's tapping. First you left that dinner right foot under fingernails on the countertop Jackie Lee Sorry. Related. 11 19 Cool ray Carrier WSB 24 hour Traffic.

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