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Channel did a nice job covering lisa bloom that vile attorney in los angeles who now we know offered a big money to women to besmirch donald trump in one k seven hundred fifty thousand dollars what we do not know is where the money came from and i'm calling for us attorney to investigate that because there could be criminal charges is going to be much more to come on this lisa bloom person all right there is a lot of evidence out there that on toward things were happening and remember this worn over one after me all right on a ridiculous preposterous uh level but be that as it may you may remember when donald trump met with the russian attorney in the trump tower for twenty minutes because the woman had told donald trump jr that she had some dirt on hillary clinton all right he went in nothing happened no meeting how much coverage deck yet by all the network's all newspapers legion of coverage right on the bloom thing fox news did it a few other outlets did it talk radio did it new york times nothing washington post nothing la times nothing network news nothing i think good morning america ran a spot on it but that was it in the morning no today's show no cbs morning news it's just scandal consciously they don't wanna report is you absolutely accurately nailed it.

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