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Of things that we'd like to reduce the county is currently needing to plug more than twelve million dollars of a hole in the twenty twenty one budget shortfall that would not exist had voters approved a taper property tax initiative last November they went to the ballot last year we asked a tough question and they gave us a tough answer that is fox through one's Michael kind of possible reporting coming up we've got your money news I will take a look at the super ball down just a few days away on Sunday will have all of that straight ahead shortline automotive brings with it back outside watching your continued our people doing John what were you doing better out things are better off in fort Collins Loveland self on a twenty five across through the clearing that crash things are better on the north side sell but I twenty five you toward the north wind coming down toward the boulder turnpike better are you still have the right there at the boulder turnpike and Trudell's downtown but loosened up a little bit but still real heavy from Santa Fe getting down into the text of self and two to five heavy from I love New crash Colfax and you're seventy the rest your drive the pretty much wrecked free just a lot of traffic on the drive I like all that I. seventy drive between I twenty five two two five two seven in both directions I seventy on the west side the job also heavy in there that area around what's worth eight Kipling on the westbound side this report is sponsored by mothers against drunk driving for victims of drunk and drugged driving your grief is unique but you're not alone you always have a place at mad call the twenty four hour victim help line at eight seven seven Matt help or visit Matt dot org next update in ten minutes on gateway eight fifty a a ninety four one of them Hey it's money from my friends at med vet Cadillac you wanna take advantage of what they're doing right now admit that which is the power house savings event which means you can enjoy incredible lease and purchase opportunities on the entire all wheel drive Cadillac lineup including the X. T. for the X. T. five in the X. T. six crossover has that third row backseat by the way so it's a little more roomy met that also is amazing offers on the all wheel drive C. T. six of dance and of course met that has the unmistakable Cadillac escalade in stock and ready for delivery every Cadillac is the accoutrements that you expect plus Cadillacs four.

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