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So so often on the spot cast in public way in hopefully like allowed to you. I know how you release a man my brain does at all time to I thought I was the only one in a let's say, no wonder security, only one. That's what's running through your brain. But then when I share it with you allowed you say, oh, yeah. I think about that too. And then I just laugh goofy laugh not so much. It's funny because but it just like appreciate the surprise. And. I don't know if I'm making any sense. But I think AM anything that's a way to disarm. These brain bats these things that keep us awake in the actuaries of our minds. You know, they wanna make it public accounting wanna do pros and cons lists. And in spreadsheet it, and you know, actualize it over, you know, whatever do depreciation charred, and you say we'll just trying to decide if I should buy popcorn or net. I don't need to like in the United. And then he said, we'll do eight dollars for popcorn. Issue that was earlier now trying to go to bed that was like history days ago when you're still thinking about this popcorn. No think about that person. That was like eight rows behind me talking again like a go to sleep. So I hope the cast can kind of be that for who like yourself. Save welna take deprecation lake just like my favorite. I know anybody raising the eighties and WPA X Suttles, Lionel kiddie city and. Where they turn to frown upside down, a that was Bank of lake Bank in the day that let's Lionel kiddie city. They turned frown upside down when you parents spent a bunch of money and toys those who left out of the jingle, but I'm here to guess, not turn. I'm just here to take your frown in Melwood down or something or you know, embittering myself in a steamroller debt doesn't rhyme with upside down take a frown and patted down. That's what I'm doing patent it down. I'm saying let's take this front of make into a safe place at has a bunch of bungee ability. Yeah. Let's let's instead of deprecating say, hey, frown, you're actually pretty comfortable if you just like ease it in their little bit you doing a great job as a. Like, I don't even know what you are. You are you in my brain subconscious font. They guess I hope you get the idea if you're new lake in your skeptical, a totally get that if you're if you're just came here if you don't like me, I ready. It depends on how strongly give it a few tries almost it say, we've got like whatever a couple thousand reviews, I tunes almost all of them say it took me a few tries. So give it a few tries because alls I wanna do is help you fall asleep. It take your mind off stuff in you know, if nad there's like liberal vox books, I like, the international storytellers fairytale additions myself in you can't really go wrong with like the Harry Potter audiobooks. You just get choose your narrator. That's toughest decision there. It's an at that of. Is so give the show few tries or hope it can help because I've been there I've been there tossing and turning note..

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