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Consider house speaker Nancy Pelosi suggestion for him to testify in person or in writing for the impeachment inquiry even though he says he did nothing wrong and doesn't like giving credibility to what he calls there's no due process hoax he has every opportunity to present his case speaker Pelosi on CBS face the nation the next public impeachment hearings tomorrow with testimony from an aide to vice president pence Jennifer Williams and lieutenant colonel Alexander vin man he's on the National Security Council there's a manhunt for at least one bash shooter in central California for our dead another six were hurt when someone stormed a small party is people watch football at a home on the southeast side of Fresno California Sunday police have yet to find the person or people with the gun and there's no clear understanding as to why someone carried out the attack box seven brown America's listing to fox news this is your official weather station today we'll see a high of seventy one degrees that's about ten degrees above normal for change mostly sunny skies and breezy westerly wind of a dry cold front moves across the state tonight giving is a northwesterly wind lows in the mid forties tomorrow seventy degrees mostly sunny skies in the south breeze develops in the afternoon our next chance of rain is on Wednesday for the for the storm center meteorologist anally Sutton the four warn storm team and one thousand Katie okay team weather coverage you can depend on what are you doing winter's coming I'm gonna have enough wood to keep our hearts warm till spring it's us versus nature honey we don't even have.

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