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To lie in dossiers, but not legal to present them to the fisa court, which I think is the next step, isn't it which is that then you're gonna start to get to all the sun okay, now did FBI agents present knowingly false information? Is that the next layer here? We've shown that. And that's what we said from the beginning, right? And it's only now starting to come out. The FBI and DOJ at the time were running the investigation against them. They said, no, no, no, we didn't know this. We didn't know steal leak to the media. We didn't know he was getting paid by the DNC. We didn't know he was corrupt and had a bias and hated president or the candidate Trump. We didn't know any of this stuff at the time. We used the FBI's own documentation that is now public and declassified thanks to our investigation to show that the FBI knew when they were presenting the information to the fisa court to get a search warrant. They knew Christopher Steele was not credible. They knew he had a bias. They knew the DNC was paying him. And we presented, here's the kicker. We presented all of those findings to the fiscal three, four years ago, the fisa court. And those judges told us to go pound sand. So I think John Durham is looking into that as well. Like you alluded to. Yeah. And so I guess then the peer struck Lisa page thing. Yeah. Peter struck was on MSNBC this morning. It was so disgusting to see. But I can't imagine he must be a little bit nervous because I'm just reading into this. This is allegedly, this is an accusation. This is not proven in the criminal sense, but my gut tells me it's true that the insurance plan that he was telling to his, you know, adulteress, you know, Lisa page as he was cheating on his wife. That he was that the insurance plan was danchenko. The insurance plan was the dossier, the insurance plan was all of this. Is that a step too far? Is that what he really said on MSNBC? Well, no, he didn't say it. He said the Internet. He said, let me tell you what he said the insurance plan before. This morning he said on MSNBC, this indictment invalidates all the wonderful work we did as investigators, whatever, whatever. I'm connecting two pieces together. The insurance plan he said in text messages, 5, 6 years ago, right? Remember the summer he said in a text message is so I didn't mean to conflate the two. But an MSNBC this morning, he looked rather nervous where he said, oh, no, now people are gonna try to invalidate the wonderful work we did at the Russia investigation because we're the greatest people ever. Can we play that clip Connor? Are we able to play that one 28? Listen to this if you can, cash, I think it'll tell you what we need to go. One 28. So my worry is that as Americans hear this news and they don't really know how the Russia investigation ended, they hear these concerns and they say, well, there must be a problem. And that's being picked up and amplified by people who are seizing on this to say see the entire effort. Everything Mueller did. Everything the FBI was nonsense. He was bogus. He was based on lies. And that just couldn't be further from the truth. Sorry. I can only stomach so much of that guy, but the only person that lied during his duties in FBI next to Peter strzok Annie mccabe and James Comey was Lisa page. The lovebirds who were cheating on their spouses was one another while leading one of the most politically explosive investigations. And he has the audacity to go on TV after we showed his investigation was tarnished by bias. Remember, this is the same guy that said, as you said, the insurance policy, he said, he texted his lover right shortly thereafter. We're not going to let president Trump win, are we? No, no, no. 1 million to zero. He's not going to win. So if you want to take this guy at his word that he's saying this investigation and the Durham indictment is destroying the credibility of his work. Peter strzok has as much credibility as danchenko and Christopher Steele. And the fact that MSNBC is still running it, validates our work in our findings and that's why he's running scared. I totally agree. They're basically a communications arm for the intelligence apparatus at this point is what MSNBC has become cash. I want you to stay for another segment, but I just want to first say everyone go to fight with cash dot com cash was the guy along Devon and also in the executive branch to uncover this garbage, this nonsense is collusion, this corruption, and the Democrats are angry and they're trying to come after cash in a variety of different ways. So there's a legal fund there. I want people to try to support if they can. It's fight with.

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