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Help covert patients who experiencing breathlessness and eggs. I lt Shiba, who's originally from Kashmir, now lives in the U. K took part in the pilot study and joins us now. Hi and thanks very much for speaking to us on news day. Just tell us a little bit about the sort of impact Cove It's had on you. Thank you, David Sort of James. I remember getting unwell last year in March. It started with a tickly throat and muscle being, But gradually, it became clear that it was not just in the flu, so I was barely breed. I felt I had a ton of bricks on my chest and Every breath was laborious. It took life out of me. Um, I remember my sister and my friend intervening and said, Look, we need to call an ambulance and we called an ambulance. I could barely get out of bed s. I couldn't see my Children or my husband because I was isolating and I didn't want them to be. Infected. Um my Children are completely distressed and remember my daughter saying to me, Mommy Teens promise me not to die because at that time the statistics were that one out of five didn't make it. And even after you were cured of the disease that breathlessness still remained. Is that right? That's right. So when I got out of hospital, I was diagnosed with pneumonia. And I thought, OK, I'll be fine. But three months later, I still was still struggling with breathing had chronic fatigue, muscle fatigue on I wasn't getting anywhere with the GPS. So I Found out about piano on it was like a breath of fresh air. It was lifeline that I needed at that time because I was feeling isolated. I was seeing anxious Do did breathlessness on. I didn't know how to help myself. So it couldn't have happened at a better time. And how did it help you? What did you actually do? So there were a few aspects to it. I remember when I saw the brochure, I thought, Well, I'm not a singer, and I'm not a native English speaker, Tom. We're gonna fit in this program, but they made everyone feel welcome. They started with gentle exercises on moved onto alibis, which, as you know, a lullaby have a calming effect anyways. Um, In addition, they put us in touch with people who have been tough. Being like us, but didn't know what to do. So we all connected in a way where the atmosphere was so positive, energetic that we were empowered with these tools that helped elevate the symptoms of breathlessness. So it sounds like it has helped. Not just in terms of the physical as it were the finding tools and techniques for defeating breathlessness, but also in terms maybe of Reducing anxiety make you feel a little bit more connected to other people. That's right till isolation, which you do not see a tangible effect off long covert suffering is being isolated because you cannot speak to people. If if you do not know how unfeeling then Yeah, you'll send that you'll be sympathetic, but it will wane after time. But if you connect to the people who completely get what you're going to It makes it much India to deal with the problem. And he said a little earlier that you haven't thought of yourself as a singer. Perhaps not as a opera fan. I don't know. But once this pandemic is over, will probe become part of your life. Do you think I think it will. I have asked Susan is our teacher. Tonto. Take us on a full time can and we will be reading our lungs out. The Coliseum's fantastic So I'm not just a better recovery from covert but also a new opera star, perhaps in the making shiver. Thank.

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