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Welcome back it's Tuesday. Which means it's a tasting Tuesday with Joe Louis Bourbon. Michael thank you for. I love your background Mike. A that got that enjoyed love. Going on in your. That's it yeah. Detroit loves Joe Lewis. I love that I love love love it and I think we're love Joe Louis. We're going to be talking to Joe. Joe Joe Joe come by right Joe. Louis borrowed junior coming in but he'll be joining us few sure sure. So hopefully he'll he'll pop. 'cause there's two people that wanted to get in a room together and that was some. Joe Louis Family and the author of Detroit City of Champions. Charles Charles Ableson We gotTa Muted Still Michael Area. So yeah so Charles is with us. wrote the book Detroit city a champion which chronicles the amazing year The foundation of of of what makes sports cities sports cities and Detroit being one of those very very absolute I sports cities And it all happened back in nineteen thirty four. Nineteen thirty five. Was the year of these thirty three championships. Charles Heyman yet on Mute yourself and welcome to the Party Pal. We got a kindle. Hey this technology sorry got it so the Jamie said it. What is the title of the book that you wrote off? Got Three Bucks on. They all go by the same title. Detroit city of champions. I call it the Detroit City Champions Trilogy Excellent thank you just WanNa make sure that we get that out because you know folks can find this these books series of books a trilogy of books you know out and market as well and I just WanNa make sure that everyone here is that right from the get-go I always forget. That mentioned it myself. Sometimes it gets so caught up telling stories. I forget to like actually tug. I actually have something to sell regarding the website joining us. Yeah go Jimmy. The website is Detroit city of champions Dot Com and Lincou all the all the sellers in ways. Get your hands on the books so Exactly so so joe. Louis urged shirts and hats and stickers and merchandise here here. We like you bake shop worn on for this. I guess my gear. Joe I forget the pitch that a lot of times I might as well say that from the beginning to heck yeah. I think you're going to have a big market for your hats because everybody needs to cover up their hair this. Oh I don't know I'm bout against starting to get there to need a haircut here so we're like this. This is crazy. Today we see where Parkway Laurean geno somewhere yes definitely hat season for but So Charles you've met the you've talked to the family. Have you talked to Joe's family at length ever in in when doing your research on the book and the parts about Joe Louis? Have you had access to the family? Not's not for the research I've met just love family just kind of indirectly like it's like different art shows and stuff like this. I'm not sure if I don't. I don't think Joe Joe though you know like it's Yeah. I don't think I've met him but I've met. I've met pretty much family members from like that released the first book in two thousand nine and then. I just became an advocate for like for the for for families. From you'll I'd be doing an art show. Where a library talk or something in in his. I'm the daughter of ACE catalyse from nineteen thirty five lions that like no way on in Awe. I want one of the great I met was on her name. Is Norma Smith? And she's the daughter of Norman Smith the goalie of the Red Wings Who who had? Who was the goalie for the longest game in NHL history and she had she had normies Smith's entire scrapbook collection. He kept a scrapbook every single article from Detroit Red Wings for like three years when I spent like eight eight eight hours in her house like Scanning every single scrap out of her sprout works. We'll soon as Roma's awesome. But I've met a lot of people but I don't think I've met Joe Julius. I'm looking forward to. Yeah now. Do you think there's any stories? You might know that the family doesn't I.

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