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But if I had to bet, I would bet contested that I don't have to bet. Yeah. I like uncontested in here I like the train and change Tom. And you know this horse he's run well off the freshening. I think that's going to help him a little bit too, that seven weeks and the new Barna certainly going to help. He's drawn inside probably use some speed. We all man is good front and rider. I think there's a lot to like about him. I think you do worry a little bit. I worry a little bit that he might have been become worse for the course and maybe he's just more of a wall on awash was his two races at laurel other-worldly compared to everything else. He's run. I mean he's been. Since ational and the one race going seventy and sources you can handle he won. It's hard to really think he was going to be a big player in the Churchill Downs less time and. Yeah disappointed in the Commonwealth. Undoubtedly this morning, the Commonwealth. But I mean he found this friends in here. I think wars club beat them pretty well. The oh I in that Commonwealth. Maybe he can wake up the stranger things have happened. Certainly, but I'm gonna put my eggs in the uncontested basket from the rail that goes race number eight the Kelly's landing. Overnight stakes race number ten. The first of two two year old races that will cover the debutante is for the two year old Phillies, six wrongs with one hundred twenty five thousand on the line on wine, pretty big field and here pontiff. Magic dance Steve as most hall of Famer and Ricardo Santana junior and the team up here. She's coming back, just three weeks after a very impressive. Meet in scores. One way almost five lengths at eight to one. She ran eighty four Beyer speed figure. I'll tell you what the next closest buyer number. I know you like the prison that PP's next closest buyer number, in here is a fifty six as a sixty one rather. And that was the number two Indy takes charge. You broke I made in Churchill back on maith thirty first. But boy, they gotta find at least twenty three points on magic dance. Yeah. Well magic dance. She looks pretty salty. She's by more than ready. I don't know how she paid a two one in her debut. But, but she did. And she looks tough right back. Ricardo Santana takes over. He must have had a conflict that day because Brian Hernandez rotor in her debut. And I bet you he said that about pretty nice. Philly Indy charge. Also has the second best birth speed figure. Patrick Byrne has a small stable, and, and this could be a rising star for him. She blew out nicely to thirty five and to Churchill Downs. So I think that's pretty much the race. Those those are the two that that look best on paper. Chiluba lips comes in from California. Good California speed broke her maiden. First time out got a seventy nine which is which is right behind any takes charge. So I think you have to maybe consider her with Rossio Beheira. No. In the saddle she's getting blinkers to interesting move by Mike Harrington with Beth three and a quarter put blinkers on. So she's the only horse, I honestly think. What have any chance of beating magic dancing, because it's funny dude, you get a field of nine two year old Phillies at this time of the year. Only chew of them went wire-to-wire when they want my good girl who wanted in the anagram you'll in four and a half, and she'll who want to needed four and a half. The only two and now a little lifts. Come in with the blinkers in the California speed. I gotta think she's faster than my good girl who didn't show any speed in her first who starts, so I've gotta think truly lips in front having magic dances into far behind. If Santana doesn't just put magic dance on leave and say, you know what? I'm just going to get out of here. I'm putting villi on the lethal in. That's it. I think she will lips is the is the horse close the exact outlook because I see her getting loose on the lead..

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