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Forgive the robotic voice. My natural voice is in no shape to be doing any recording. I will get back to real speaking soon. I promise having said that tonight's story is about a man named Steven Richards who killed men women and children throughout the Midwest over a two year period of eighteen seventy six to eighteen seventy eight. Let's begin the story of how mild mannered young boy became known as the Nebraska. Fiend Steven Richards was born March. Eighteenth eighteen fifty six and wheeling West Virginia. His parents were American born. And we're always considered good reliable people when he was six years old. Richard's parents moved to Monroe County Ohio and afterwards to Noble County in the same state. This is where they lived until Richards was eleven and then moved to Warren in Jefferson County soon after that the family transplanted to mount pleasant Ohio. The town was largely inhabited by quakers and was considered a very orderly town. They'll Richard's father made no profession of religion. His mother was a devout methodist while not too strict. His mother used her influence over him. As a Christian woman. Richards regularly attended Sunday school at several churches in mount pleasant. During the time Richards live there he went to public school. He was not considered a bad boy by teachers but was a little wild at times in his teens. Richard sometimes attended dances and other evening entertainments but did nothing positively wrong. Unfortunately Richard's mother passed away when the boy was only fifteen and so did her influence on him while Living Ohio Richards was home most of the time but was working odd jobs among farmers and other places during this time Richards Open correspondence with the number of bad men in the West. Among whom were notorious desperadoes he also began pass counterfeit money which he received from New York. Acquaintance introduced to him through these correspondences a short time. Before Richard Struck out for the West he sought and won the affections of a young lady. By the name of Animal Horn. They were engaged to be married and would have been in a year or two. If Richard said not been arrested while on his adventures through all of his wanderings and wickedness richards kept up correspondence with that stated in his confessions. I loved her as much as I can. Love anyone. In February eighteen. Seventy six at the age of Twenty Richards headed west to seek his fortune. He had no definite object in view or any definite destination but wanted to see the country live easy and avoid work as much as possible richards. First stop was in Burlington Iowa to visit bill one of the correspondence. He began writing too while still in Ohio. Leak have to house of ill. Fame near Burlington was eventually hung for killing Jesse McCarthy. A resident of his house from Burlington Richards went to morning Sun Iowa where he worked for Myers Jarvis on a farm. After a short time he moved to Mount Pleasant Iowa and became employed as an attendant at the Iowa lunatic asylum while working there richards had his first experience in handling bodies of the deceased which made him realize how little he actually cared for. Human Life. Richards remained there until the fall of eighteen. Seventy six. When he began traveling the Midwest states he went to Kansas City Missouri up to Hastings Nebraska and ending up in Kearney junction two weeks after his arrival at Kearney Nebraska Richards was coming out on horseback and fell in with a stranger also out riding when it got dark Richardson. His companion lost the road and finally camp somewhere between Dobie town and Cardi. They're the two men built a fire and began playing cards for money. Richards one nearly all of the cash. This stranger had during the game as a result. The man claimed Richards was cheating. There was a short quarrel over the matter but both men went to bed. Finally the next morning the two started for Cardi but had not gone far when a stranger stopped his horse demanded richards returned his money from the night before. Richards refused to refund the cash and after another argument he shot the stranger. The bullets struck the man above the left. Hand killed him almost instantly after killing the stranger richards dragged him down to the river in pitched him in he then took the other man's horse went to Carney where he traded for another and went from there down. South to Phelps County Richards was gone two or three days and upon returning to Carney. He overtook another stranger. Who was on foot? The man asked Richards if he knew what had become of the other gentlemen as he had previously seen richards with him. Richards denied any knowledge of a stranger or ever seen him but the man kept insisting he has seen them together on inquiry richards found the two were friends and business partners. The man asked Richard so many questions that got. He decided to kill the stranger to stop his mouth and for that purpose richards asked him to write an extra horse. He was leading at the time. The man agreed in the first opportunity. Richard Scott he shot in through the back of the head. Richards claims he never heard anything newsworthy. About either one after the incident took place. This occurred about fifteen miles. Northwest of Walkers ranch were Richard State and slept in the barn. He sold the extra horse the next morning and started his return trip to Carney. On the way Richard stopped at Jasper Harrelson's farmstead while they're Mrs Carlsson being very free Talker and a bit Nosey asked Richards if he had been fighting when he asked her why she asked that question. She replied that there was blood on his shirt and collar. Richards apparently did not realize this at the time and was startled but remarked joking way that it must be. The blood of some of the men had murdered. The subject was dropped after that while spending some time in Cheyenne County. Nebraska Richards fell into company with two young men who were on their way to Kansas City and he decided to join them not caring much where he went. Richards had been calling himself. William Hudson up to this time and went by this name till he reached Kansas City there. He shook off his friends and once more took the name of Richard's wall in Kansas City Richards took his first glass of liquor. He started to believe he should be arrested for murder and for passing counterfeit money Richards. First string of conscience struck him during this time and he determined to reform he then moved about twenty miles outside of Kansas City and went to work as a farmhand there. He took sick with a fever and lay in bed for six weeks. Richards was well cared for as a good name while living there however. His reformation was to be short-lived at the end of October he went north of do. I stopped for three weeks in Mount Pleasant Morning Sun and other points. Richardson went to Cedar Rapids Iowa. And while there he bought a team of horses into buggy using mostly counterfeit money while trying to spend the young man who sold him. The horses and buggy discovered the cashless counterfeit. He found Richard Three days later and demanded good money or the property returned. Richards refused to do either and he horse trader threatened to have him arrested. Richardson pretended to make some concessions and began to talk business. The young man followed richards out to a strip of Timberland some three miles from Cedar rapids. It was just about dusk and raining there. Richard Shot and buried him under some brush soon after he sold the team for good money and started west again. In January of eighteen seventy seven richards reached Carney Nebraska. Once RICHARDS REASON FOR STOPPING AT Kearney was to visit Jasper Harrelson a man named Underwood. Jail Underwood. Was awaiting trial for alleged complicity. The big spring train robbery and leading the robbery of the Santa Fe Train. Harrelson was going on trial for stealing lumber off the Platte river. Bridget Kearney both these men cut their way out of jail by means of instruments furnished by outside friends and made good their escape. The excitement over this was great in Kearney and Richards kept away for a few days. He spent the time writing about the country until everything seeming quiet and then return to town shortly afterward. He went to see lady friend in Grand Island in March Richards left Grand Island in the company of man by the name of jammed. Both were headed to Carney on horseback night overtook. The two men somewhere between Lowell and Kearney so they can't for the night near the railroad bridge on the Platte River about three o'clock in the morning Richards Awoken with the moon shining brightly. He decided to continue the journey. He woke gems and told him that he had decided to start out for. Cardi gems was furious at being aroused in swore. It was not after midnight. Richards told him that he had checked his watch and it was after three o'clock. Jim replied that Richards. Watch was as big a.

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