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Your call my friend don't hang up doug indianapolis indiana one of my favorite cities and i mean it they great w f d m go highmore our carbon capture of toward 14year ours girl uh chauvet are mischief but uh understand are the guy stole marked under a previous call but don't understand why they can't go with a third straight tax willing plus but of take all of our money home and will we go out and buy something we pay a certain seven percent how close water they come up with but will get so much on all the time it's not even funny they'll tell you why they won't do it it takes their power away they can redistribute wealth they'd the lobbyists aren't going to be knocking on their doors anymore you've got people now who are invested heavily uh from a power perspective and and a financial perspective in the internal revenue coat that like being able to go up the mitch mcconnell and cutting a deal and then giving him a major campaign contribution if you had a nice tax say a nice clean tax system at the national sales tax and of course you would have to um you'd have to repeal the 16th amendment you don't want to have a national sales tax like a vat tax and all of a sudden you have an income tax on top of it so but i agree with you and you know i'm i'm supporting the convention of states article five to eliminate the progressive income tax nothing progressive abandoned its regressive it uh it destroys jobs it destroys um uh opportunities it destroys people are trying to climb up the ladder of success but we don't have people who support this in in the federal government we just don't i think so and also the up at our tara wars travel for our country i my friend i appreciate your call let's continue um salaam i think it is right mr callscreener is that right sologne you say salaam i alone you say tomato i say tomato coral springs florida on.

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