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Stay with us. Eric. Eric is talking to us. He's across the street from Mayfair Mall. We're starting to get more information. If you wonder what you were talking about their reports this afternoon. That there has been a shooting multiple gunshots fired at Mayfair reports are that the shots came from inside the mall. Police have been seen going to the area. If you're in the area and you can safely get to us, would you give us a call? Accurate Mortgage talking Tex lines 85561616 28 5561616 20. What are you saying? We're seeing some Twitter activity on this is well, people that were in the mall at the time of this, some saying that they heard shots or what they believe were to be shots. Others saying that they've seen people running from the mall. Now, this was a while ago. Now it sounds like according to Eric. They are bringing people out of the mall. We have not heard yet From what we told the police to determine if the scene is secure or not. It meant form all. But we do know that people are coming out of the mall. And if they haven't yet they're going to be taken up. And we're hearing from another one of our callers who says that he saw a caravan of tactical police units heading the direction of the exits towards Mayfair Mall. So we will continue to monitor that part of the situation. If you have business in that area that is a very busy intersection, Mayfair and North Avenue You might want to avoid that area because there's a lot of police activity. We're trying to nail down exactly what is going on there. But there are reports that shots have been fired. At Mayfair Mall this afternoon. And one reminder we are. There is a lot of scanner activity on this right now, and that's one of those things that we are aware of, and we we've heard some of what they're discussing on the scanners, and it's just difficult at this time to go with some of that information, because as we've seen happen before, John and you know These similar stories that we have. Is that the initial scanner reports. Sometimes there are numbers involved. Sometimes those numbers are not accurate and different things like that, So as of now we are awaiting. We're not going to go report on any scanner activity that we're hearing just because it's too fluid. There's just too many different things taking place right now at the mall, you know, obviously one of the major questions at this point as we sit here live at 3 23 is Is this an active shooter situation? Has someone been taken into custody? Is someone still roaming around inside the mall? In addition to the obvious questions, like have someone been injured? Other people down our police inside the mall. Those are all questions we have is well and we're trying to get the answers to. We're working on that as we sit here if you're in the area near Mayfair Mall if you were at Mayfair Mall Can you give us a call? Let us know what you saw. And what you heard the equity mortgage talking text line is 85561616 20. If you could do it safely, please reach out to us and let us know. What you're hearing or what you're seeing that didn't mortgage talking text line is 85561616 20. Please let us know. Reports this afternoon of a shooting. At Mayfair Mall in what would Tosa you know, I was just at the mall last week and not inside, but in the parking lot, and it was bustling. I mean, there's been a lot of conversation over the last several years, actually about the success. Many of the malls in Mayfair last Sunday was busy. I mean, the parking lots were full, and I imagine on the Friday afternoon there's probably a few people there, too. But it the plate to the malls that we've heard so much about at least On the weekends during the holiday season. Mayfair had a lot of customers in the last week. You know that's a really good point that it's a Friday heading into the weekend and, of course, heading in in general to the busy time of year for malls. This is where they kind of get it going. Let us know what you.

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