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A big thank you. It's very heartfelt. It's humbling, and we just really wish you a very happy new year. Enjoy your family and friends. For more information, including their disclosure. Visit ninety three f g dot com or call one eight hundred nine eight nine three three four. If you have an unpaid debt to the IRS that you can't pay please hear this special notice specially approved IRS relief programs designed to aid delinquent taxpayers are now in effect that can significantly improve your financial situation, depending on your circumstances. You may qualify to have your tax problem resolved in your favor, and may even have your back taxes reduced by thousands or eliminated entirely. Our relief hotline has been established by community tax for you to call and see if you qualify at eight hundred two eight five fifty to eighty if you owe the IRS back taxes that you can't afford to pay don't let the IRS trick you into thinking you have no way out. Our highly accredited tax professionals will let you know what you qualify for and how much you can save we may be able to stop all liens garnishments, levies, and save you thousands. Call and see if you qualify for this taxpayer relief at eight hundred two eight five fifty to eighty eight hundred two eight five. Eighty to eighty that's eight hundred two eight five fifty to eighty eight. Now, Bloomberg business news food discount wars rage on whether it's five dollar pizzas. Because no one out-pizzas the hut. Value priced burgers. Introducing mcdonald's. New one two three dollar menu.

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