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Like I had these five ish tunes before the first week of recording Leah we had about a month break, and at some point during that month I got another five or six tunes. And then we had another. Let's say a month break and then about two days before. The final thing there was another. You know four ish tunes, so he was, so he was writing, but the other sons I had was that he was somebody who was really able to process a lot of information. You just read a lot. Read a lot of literature and listen to music and was able to really like process it quickly because there's there's a lot of musicians that I knew that. Are you know it's like you listen to one record like two tracks one record you're just. Just all that on all these details you know, and it's maybe a harder thing to like process to records with records, and anyway I just had a sense that he was just for. He was just really able in an extraordinary way to process all this information, and just a final thing was there was a soon after it was finished. You know there was there was these months where they were working on the the mixing the post production, and all of that and then Black Star. Comes out and I guess November something I is the first time I heard it, but. Then, we're in conversation then and he was talking about I'm writing new music, I wanNA to record again. You know the last time I spoke to him. You know that was that was part of the that was a big part of the conversation was yeah. We're GONNA record again in January, and since I'm feeling better that kind of thing, so he was really. To me, that's that's. That's a lot of creative output. He's on a roll. Isn't something that Don? Ijaz said about this sort of demoing stagered since you these demos, and then you go to the studio am I right in assuming that the first batch were the lesser songs and then tip pity in ones that he had already like sue with the ones that he sent i. Let me, just think about this Lee was definitely hazardous. Definitely, sue and definitely tis pity. And Yeah, there was there was one that we recorded various times. That didn't end up. That came out of no plan. It's I think it's called no plan. was would have been from the musical right exactly, so that was that was one of the first tunes if A ninety eight percent on that one when I met you. That was the first batch and the one. That's killing a little time. That was in the first batch. Think and yes an- confirming that no plan. It had a different title at the time, but yeah that that was that was there as well. Yeah now I'm thinking now, because these on album tracks really except for soon tis pity, which you already had so the rest of the album tracks must have been off to this first recording session after this first flash of being in the room with you guys, and and hearing you working with you. It seems like he then finished the biggest songs from blackstone like you know the ten minute epic and know days and things like that right? The. The fruits of your relationship, these really really big songs. They coming towards the end of this time that you've had together, thank you. But yes black star and I can't give everything away you. In the last the last group ITUNES and dollar days wasn't one that we had a demo on it was. It was I was talking about it. With our Salon we sort of finished. You know the tunes that had been planned and it was mid day, and and and there was an acoustic guitar in the studio and he just picked it up. It was like the first time he picked it up as far as I remember to start playing this thing and it just sort of happened. You know where? He's playing this riff and we're just GonNa listening and then eventually maybe ten minutes we go to the Piano Jason at the piano with him and then We're all out in the room, listening, and then and then Tim's plan of. Happening and I think I remember one of one point we're talking about the saxophone solo and I had said how about we modulate to this or you know key, or whatever little suggestion, and then and then we. Started recording it and we didn't. As was the case with with. Almost everything black star we didn't do you know ten fifteen takes. It was like one two or three takes that. Was it so with with dollar days? It was It was actually pretty quick from the time he picked up the guitar. Too Redone Tracking GonNa Guess was about two hours starts start to finish and in a way it was so quick that I had forgotten about it, and when when I think I did the first interview about Black Star and I. Guess I hadn't heard the record yet. They were asking me about the song and I was like Manhattan, new idea what you're talking about. Those kind of part of the brilliance or just you know what a hurt the record for the first time it was like. Wow, you know what and because he had. That team he didn't have all the lyrics worked out of course, so he was. Remember exactly what it was on that team, but there was. He had the the melodies the vocal melodies. You know the sketches of and plays, but not the content was area so hearing that from that moment, and then hearing it in its final formation was pretty. It was pretty stunning. I have to say. I can imagine that guitar actually thinking about those chords. They're very like always strumming on a twelve string, so of course. When the piano they just sort of take on a different personality. To hear, it was composed and arranged in such a short amount of time I mean again. That just speaks to the relationship you guys had and that it was growing as you're working together. It wasn't just the. Session men just came in into the job and you're out. You know it was like this thing that was cultivated I. Think's really special, and I think you can hear it actually in the progression of the songs in equality. The they all use. It's you notice describing earlier the way. that we play off each other prior to this experience, there's a lot of it's. The conversation lot of improvising a lot of just changing changing the direction of the music on somebody's suggestions so real intentional listening to everybody in the group. You know and everybody trying to have this..

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