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For two years, save thousands at 8 6 6 9 nation, or a window nation dot com. I'm Jo comma WTO traffic. Two WTO meteorologist Lauren ricketts. Winds are finally going to die down as we go through the morning gradually dying down by this afternoon there'll be much lighter fights demo on our range. Temperatures only the 50s, plenty of sunshine today, chilly overnight with some patchy frost temperatures mainly in the 30s. Upper 60s to near 70 tomorrow, partly sunny and quiet, but breezy, sunny and 70s on Tuesday, I'm meteorologist Lauren ricketts WTO P news. Jackie area temperatures were in the 40s, 49 in Georgetown, 48 in buoy, 46° in Leesburg at 1130. This is WTO P news. Everything you need every time you listen. The WTO producer's desk is wired by IBW local 26. Where electrical contractors come to grow. Good morning, I'm sandy cosell, Acacia James is our producer. The top story we're following for you today, the remnants of those strong winds and rain that hit the DMV region in the darkness overnight, causing thousands of power outages across the region. Fairfax county and Arlington are seeing the highest number of outages still this morning. Dominion reports more than 6000 outages in Northern Virginia, in Maryland, prince George's county has several hundred people still without lines. Lead forecaster at the national weather service office in Sterling, Virginia, is Brendan Rubin oster. It's mostly residual effects because we actually had some severe storms moved through southern Maryland and portions in northern and northeastern Maryland. So there's probably some residual power outages from those issues due to down trees. So we're not anticipating any additional power issues. Utility companies tell WTO that crews are working to restore power to all customers as quickly and safely as possible. We want to know what's happening in your area. You can share storm photos and more at WTO P on Twitter and Facebook. More than two dozen deaths are now blamed on the severe storms that began Friday and spread across the Midwest and southern part of the country. Your CBS News correspondent, Bradley Blackburn. The damage is spread across so much of the country from Tennessee. The whole house you could feel it shaking. To Wisconsin to Pennsylvania as the severe system moved east Saturday. Oh my goodness. In bridgeville Delaware, a tornado touchdown took out trees and homes and was blamed for one death. You know, Ohio, a 13 year old girl died after a tree fell on her home. Officials said she was trapped inside. In Sullivan

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