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Yeah I might but the image that I have in my head is that they're bringing the old Jerry Lewis telethon tote board with them to the White House and they're going to say to the vice president and secretary say my Pompeii a look at what we've done here and then discuss the effectiveness of Mexico's June counter migration agreement with the US now the Mexican foreign affairs secretary who will be there as well as other officials agreed to deploy a six thousand troops you might remember going into June to intercept migrants that we're heading towards the U. S. from Central America also the US agreed that it would expand its remain in Mexico program on a nationwide level well according to politico border arrests dropped to fifty one thousand in August which is a sixty percent decline from this year's peak of a hundred thirty three thousand arrests in may which was just before all this action took place and we had that really heightened amount of people that were coming to the border president trump referring to things the national emergency threatening to put tariffs on Mexico and then Mexico responded saying that they would send their newly formed National Guard down to the southern border and we have what we have now which is a decrease in numbers and according to the Mexican ambassador to the U. S. they're talking that reduction up to new enforcement measures saying also that asylum seekers that had been tracking to the U. S. through Mexico now understand that it is not is easy as they were told it was going to be to get into the U. S. that has to do with that guard cracking down on migrants a checking a river crossing stopping buses carrying migrants as well as the U. S. making tens of thousands of asylum seekers wait in Mexico while their applications are being considered all of that seems to be leading to a decrease right now and I can't I mean all this looks good to me I mean it is there any reason to doubt the facts and figures that they're bringing to the table. not at this point in fact what would seem to be if this if this decline in border traffic could be sustained it could be a major victory for president trump as he heads into the twenty twenty election here the question will be is this something that is sustainable and will this be something that Congress is then going to try to pick up the Democrats are gonna try to work against the wall listen if these numbers are true then there can't possibly be an emergency at the border which means you don't need the money coming in for the border wall funding in the argument that they're going to try to make here but I think what you're actually going to see is the trump administration asked Mexico for a little more today now in addition to trying to work through the new version of nafta which is something the president is pushing for this fall you're also going to have I think the trump administration again bring this up with Mexico about becoming a possible safe third country which that agreement would mean anybody coming in from Central America through Mexico to try to get to the US to claim asylum would have to by law claim asylum in Mexico first to add an additional speed boat to those people trying to gain asylum to the U. S. Mexico has been very hesitant in signing off on that the pressure to the pressure from the president has been pretty big I think Vince all with a little celebration in high fives around the table for what they've been able to do might open that door again for the discussion to be had with Mexico okay and don't book what else are they getting I mean I've I forgot what the what the present presence but threatening a lot of our allies which was this it with this did he held I don't remember the hold off a terrible in in order to get this this this was terrified to go back to June shortly after may numbers were so huge in June it was we're gonna tear of all Mexican imports and then it was you know this was something Mexico didn't even include a lot of auto makers you're gonna have auto makers whose exports going into Mexico we're gonna be terror and then the automobile will be built in Mexico and then when they came back in the US there be additional terra so all of that portion of the chain of terror seemed to be a big issue at hand here the president stopped short when he got this agreement from Mexico to say that they would finally do something for you. years and years and years Mexico has been asked to do something they've been sort of on the fence about it all will do it if we get a chance and then they don't do anything this really put Mexico in the spotlight when they said that they were gonna send the six thousand troops down and the did it seems as though their activity down in in the country has been able to stash certainly stave off a large number of migrants making their way to the Wii U. S. and that doesn't sound to me like the present level problem with that and and I don't know that I'm talking about thanks I don't think so either but Michael our thank you for the update from Washington DC newsradio one thousand Katie okay live in advance bodies get lively Matthews back in the studio with the local news about my. thirty mana Mitzi molested children I'm Beth Myers in the news radio one thousand Katie okay new center and a Midwest city man has been arrested seventy nine year old Jerry Newman reportedly has confessed to molesting at least six children he told police he started molesting the victims a few years ago when he was confronted by police he said he wanted to get it all off his chest he was booked into jail Monday on twenty five counts of lewd acts with a child two people arrested in Tulsa referred to themselves as the modern day Bonnie and Clyde US marshals say Jacob Welsh and crystal McGee rob to people and businesses and firearms dealers in five states and they could be connected to more unsolved crimes in other states marshals got a tip last week that they would be staying at a motel in Tulsa and that's where they were arrested Friday night Marshall say they found drugs and stolen guns in their car and arrest warrants been issued in a violent home invasion and robbery in Qana what a man says three men forced their way into his house Sunday and beat and robbed him the O. S. B. I. now has issued an arrest warrant out of seminal county for nineteen year old autumn Jackson she's not yet in custody she faces charges of robbery burglary maiming and aggravated assault and state labor commissioner Leslie Osborne says inspectors from her agency have been busy at the state fairgrounds in Oklahoma City the Oklahoma state fair opens on Thursday Osborne says inspectors examine every ride before that ride can be put in operation to make sure that it meets safety standards she says inspectors remain on site throughout the duration of the.

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