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And it's still resonates says day in james can kids are so the ball game starts yesterday i'm sitting on my couch and an ajax guy austin jackson comes up starts to do this this is the guy who's gonna hit kershaw guys supposed to be in here against lefties starts to any looked back when you didn't look very good i took a strike and you're like damn dude kershaw's painting that inside part of the plane then he hacked at one and missed high and tight and you're like oh boy do this guy's not seen enough of clayton kershaw to come in here and have some success then he battles a little bit hey not too bad for ajax right it's a base it then he's battling and posey singles so investors and a bay area dude root for the as big time i like vast gershon the thing i still cannot get over with espn is the stupid strike zone and every time they talk about a pitch they show you a three d version of where that pitch may or may not have crossed the plate do we have and jacob you may have to enlighten me do we have chips in the balls right now they're tracking the flight of the ball there might be chips they're jus we have we have a tracking device on like we haven't device on like where it's crossing the plate because i i don't get where it's where they're showing me that's coming from it could be like satellite feeds or something i don't know there's probably chips some zone type thing i'm not down with kaysone owner i know espn did this a few years ago and said we're going to put that box up all the time but it won't put who's the whose the color commentator the woman alongside sarah jessica mendoza jess jessica mendoza she a couple of times on pitches that were off the plate that were being called strikes all day said that's another ball and i said no it's not no it's not it's up to the empire's discretion this is what a strike zone is bob fitzgerald tell you that's ridiculous that you gotta you gotta have a strike zone except that strike zone pertains to each individual guy if you're five foot two your strikes those different that aaron judge a strike zone kitt told me it's.

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