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Attraction. Visit your local popaginos restaurants valuable, which is what coupons WBZ news time. Ten twenty five on this Wednesday morning. Thanks for joining us. I'm KENDALL Buhl. Now on the ringcentral news line, something, you should know. Here's Mike Carruthers. Do you know what your it is? It is your most important thing. IT your important thing of the moment and getting to it as simple as it sounds is difficult in today's world of of a lot of something else's Jones Laughlin author of the book getting to it. When you want to define what it is for you. The first step is you need to stop. We're just show accustomed to working harder and faster, and and and not taking on wait a minute. Why am I not getting to it? And then looking at why am I not getting to you? And if we don't put something in place to try to determine what it is. Then we do spend our day on things that aren't as important when you know, what's important, your it. You have to. Schedule. It we say that you schedule your it's first and something else is lighter. Now that doesn't mean that they're necessarily be I in your day, but they are scheduled. I once you've done that it's beginning to build your day around the s versus hoping that you get it. Even when we know what our it is. It's important to realize that the it's kind of tap on the shoulder. They don't scream it's rarely scream at us. They wait patiently behind everything else. And so I think all of us have a degree of understanding our yet. But just that whole process of how are we going to get it how we're gonna put it into an already overloaded schedule. That's the part that's difficult for a lot of people at somethingyoushouldknow dot net..

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