Bolger, Murder, The House discussed on Athletico Mince - Ep. 45 - Yes Please!


All aboard an awful lot ally on the pirate radio shows ships of the '60s handicap the present could be the captain with the captains are on an via and the big bolger's punts we at jimmy carter celeberate pirate animal dennis i'm i'm going to ask you combat maybe to shaver for get rid of the fruit fro though yera thank you thanks bob dingdong outlawed here pesos renter but i'm going to have to dig out the front garden i need the tops overcome a my lord i'm learning my daughter's poli dingdong landlord earlier i've had a complaint from a neighbor about the smell of feces coming from your house i told them not to worry it's just you shitting yourself about you rent arrears dingdong landlord here i'm afraid you'll have to check into being bay for a couple of nights i need your house for the murder mystery dinner party you see the murder takes place in a downtown shicho so this is perfect dingdong landlord here i'm expecting some post recounts who about upgrading the insulation on the house i want you to open it take a shooting the envelope and posted to finland dingdong landlord here renter i picked up this leaflets about assistedsuicide of what you might be interested that's the landline i'll be going to south africa story first pope yeah i have i was mobile ploughing through over the president's health while i was in south africa you know i was standing at what you might call the result in a lot game reserve here see oddly separate little hooks an essential building equipment food and about not so.

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