President Trump, Mayor Pete, FOX discussed on Sean Hannity


Another democrat appealing for votes on FOX townhall. I'm Jane Metzler, Fox News. South bend, Indiana. Mayor Pete, but a judge taking questions from host, Chris Wallace and prospective voters in a town hall meeting held in a gym in Claremont New Hampshire tonight. The former naval intelligence officer who served in Afghanistan, noting nothing more graves than the fact that, that office holds the power to deploy troops into war zones, anti criticized President Trump's foreign policy. A really concerned about the fact that right now we're seeing that power talked about in a very casual way. First sabre-rattling a suggestion that we would send troops to deal with Venezuela, which as horrible as the situation is there is not one where I see US lives at risk. And now you see the same thing or something different. But that same kind of sabre-rattling with he'll so. When after President Trump for saying he plans to pardon servicemembers convicted of war crimes saying that will put others at risk. President Trump less than pleased that FOX in his words was wasting airtime on mayor Pete saying, so on Twitter again comparing Buttigieg to mad magazine's mascot, Alfred e Neuman saying, he'll never be elected president, President Trump being interviewed on FOX as we speak pointing that out on Twitter as well. Other tweets from the president today. A warning for Iran, the president tweeting if Iran wants to fight that will be the end of Iran. Adding never threatened a U S again for the president could watch some golf today. Brooks KEPCO holding off late charge from Dustin Johnson to win his second, straight PGA championship on CBS golf. It was. Folded off this news. Oh, a local news Bill that would ban red light cameras in Texas. One step closer to becoming law on Friday. The state Senate approved house Bill sixteen thirty one. Now, the Bill heads to give it a Greg Abbott's office to be signed..

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