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Gonna bring tomorrow's congregation I've and I say that we stay ourselves personally today more liberation gonna have tomorrow I said I'm used to it all the more of us stay at home right now the sooner that this great big world we live in is gonna be all of our home again all right all right welcome and just keep Livin just keep lemon welcome there you go all right you get home stay home welcome keep living yeah hi you go I I guess young people listen to him I guess what you say I people can listen to you yeah people have but it actually is right he is right he is absolutely right now just looking at the weather forecast for the next week I mean there is rain in the forecast every single day for the next week we're going to see the sun according today's forecast until next Sunday until a week from Sunday we're not going to see the sun so hopefully this will keep people inside horribly so all the way we typically even without the virus it's it's good to get that kind of rain in Texas it might be a way that we're going to be able to get ahead of this a little bit he knows all those those may flowers are gonna be incredible D. G. S. they are now got a message here from Machel she says thank you guys for so much bringing awareness to small businesses in the Austin area all you do the small business I work at is brink motor sports independent automotive repair kind of German cars she says I don't think people realize that automotive repairs considered essential force it is absolutely it is our business is dying a thousand cuts but we are still here daily get the word out to support local auto repair shops what a great time to get repairs done when most are staying home thank you all love you all there you go that's up from a shell but yeah those auto parts stores are up and running their they're changing tires they're doing oil changes they're fixing cars it's a great time if you have some repairs that are needed to find your favorite repair shop you know what lance Todd automotive is the home of mine became course course where I take my car's right which what we trade yes and they're open for business they are and you know this might be a good time because business might be you that might be able to get to you little little faster right now might be able to get it done faster so sure take advantage of that opportunity get out there get a box to get up in it absolutely now what let's take a look at some of the numbers people of it text me this morning asking about how many cases how many deaths that sort of thing still just three deaths reported by Austin public health the number of confirmed cases of cold at nineteen three hundred and fifty one as of this morning in Travis county Austin Hays county overall cases forty five thirty four still active but eleven people have recovered Bastrop county judge Paul poppy he says there are ten cases there but nearly three hundred have shown symptoms related to the virus but they have not been tested yet so while the numbers are lower keeping a low by people stay at home so three hundred fifty one of Travis county and that's that's out of about one and a half million people so we're doing we're doing pretty good here overall what we're still doing pretty good but yeah we gotta keep doing what we're doing yeah but the mayor still talking about needing twenty thousand badges medical tents on auditorium shores now think we are a long way from that but I get the more I think about it Todd I guess the more it is to think it good it is to at least thank you that that scenario is a possibility and operate like it is absolutely yeah stay with us we'll get tech news the day's top stories in just four minutes right here on news radio que L. B. J. the Saddam does show.

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