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So they were talking about the the stove top stuffing and how the one guy thought. It was always stouffer stove top stuffing. And it's come come to find out it's craft. And he talked about how like raisin bran. He thought that the sun character on the front always had sunglasses on. And that's not true. And so at the end of the episode. Like the for brief stickers. He's putting sunglass stickers on fucking on the sign. I i was literally just laughing at like the last night. It's like a minute and a half of him just putting stickers on jet engine laughing yeah. It's called how to john wilson it's on. Hbo check it out. it's different. It's definitely different steve. You and i watched two weeks to live on. hbo max. This is six episodes venturing to a local pub action is senate motion by a practical joke played on kim of a fake video depicting a nuclear explosion apocalypse and that everybody had just two weeks to live. Kim raised to believe the end times. Reclose sets out to kill the man who murdered her father in front of her when she was a child. This is on. Hbo max but this was originally produced for sky. Uk it starts. Maisy williams from game of thrones as kim a who has been raised in almost total isolation living off the grid in rural scotland for most of her life by our overprotective survivalist..

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