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Playoffs i think the panda depend on it they could state is motivated i just can't help but think that all the talk of aaron rodgers return and the fact that people were just expect him to steamroll his way through the playoffs i can't help but think that motivated the carolina panthers and if we can keep this team going forward they are scary budge it because they have a great quarterback and they had the pieces in place to make noise in this in it see playoff picture yeah no doubt about that and by the way the jaguars of officially and finally clinched a playoff spot a team that a gun five straight years picking the top five in the nfl draft how impressed are you with this jeggle jaguars organization super impress i said this probably weeks three where i looked at this defense early on honestly probably we too but when i looked at his defense early on i said on sports internet they are the blue for it blueprint on how to build a defense when you're looking to spin draft picks money in free agency 'cause we seen this before we've seen teams spin heavy of free agency tried to go get players to you know make themselves dominant on one side of the ball or help their football franchise and most times that mrs beep because he just can't put that together but the jaguars an incredible job to where you look at this defense and there are zero holes there is no holes in the defence m4 that they are are the best defence in the nfl in the stats back it up the record backs it up and now they're clinching a playoff spot with two weeks left in the season the show you how important that is it has been a just a remarkable turnaround defence of efforts and oh by the way we had a chance for the giants to go in there and on fourth down make their mark no way no nada now dr the giants on fourth ingoal are unable to hook up with evan ingram wow eagles the ball that was a horrible passing affairs though it look like a lotta passer appearance by corey graham on.

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