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Ten today's charges come month and a half after FOX encouraged victims or anyone with evidence to come forward. Her statements came days after the docu series surviving R Kelly aired staying in Chicago into the case against Jesse small at one day after he. He was arrested for allegedly staging a racist and anti gay attack on himself weeks ago. He's now out of his job on empire. While the case continues correspondent dean Reynolds saying that the whole thing is a huge disruption on the set and to minimize disruption. They've decided to write him out of the show and buyers currently on a mid-season break and returns to TV March thirteenth CBS's. Paula Reed says the Justice department does not expect a final report from special counsel, Robert Muller until at least next month. The Justice department issued a rare statement and confirmed that they do not expect to receive a final report from the special counsel for at least another ten days, a House Democrats also sent a letter to the attorney general demanding that when he receives this report that he released as much as possible even though legally he's not required to release anything another nominee for US ambassador to the United Nations. President Trump has named current US ambassador to Canada Kelly craft as his pick CBS news, foreign affair. Analysts Pam Faulk. She comes to the table with support of the secretary of state to whom she will report because it will likely not be a cabinet level position. And she comes with the Senate majority leader's support Mitch McConnell who has already openly endorsed her candidacy. Former State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert had been the nominee but days ago withdrew her nomination, citing family considerations. Pope Francis is hosting a landmark summit on clergy. Sex of you said much of the focus is on protecting minors. But new protections could help other victims to including nuns. The Catholic church has repeatedly come under fire for it's handling of the sex of crisis, which exposed how predator priests were moved from parish to parish this news..

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