Gaza, Espn, Mike discussed on The Paul Finebaum Show - THE BIG SWAGUUU!!!


In a letter to pay road you gotta you gotta watch their quarterback light black hours you know superman gaza auditing the exact go after way to grow and we were go get after i hope you know that swagger i'm looking forward to the match up as always in all of the largest land laying a of two listening to nepal find bomb show podcast you're listening to them paul find bombs michael collins you've doubted lee seen him on espn certainly uh i don't know how to amount of stock kicker but if i if i had this stock in this guy's career a b i'd be a zillion air right now michael joining us from down the strata watching you today michael and on i'm actually laughing i was i was i was exercising and you were sweating and i was feel your you're sweating more during a hit on mike and mike than i was actually working out well he gets 'cause i carry a little bit more bag is doing you know speaker this is why i i was so you almost disappointed that i had to do to tv side with mike because like you know i do radio stuff on the side and on the radio i'm six one in a book seventy nobody sees me standing out in the sun when there's eighty eighty percent humidity in its eighty five degrees at i'm sweating like martha stewart getting a stock tip and michael i don't need to tell you because you your former a pga caddie so you've seen the heat but i ask them my entire life in the south most of the now obama and and i'm thinking this is like wintertime right now that you're sweating in.

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