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To get him over as a monster give it to corporate and bronze stroman versus kevin owens in a steel cage match i mean what a great little throw in this is turned out so many matches on this card getting mortared i'm gonna go with braun strowman he's drug antic end yeah no one's doesn't need to win wrestling matches he's over forever the rest of his life i agree and i definitely think there's some wave kevin owens has a moment in this match where he's before he goes for a failed pen we're just feels like he's one that's the win you know anyway we have to get out of here jim is waving scarily at me there's someone needs to do a soccer podcast you're not even in the same room how i'm speaking metaphorically listen showing your my favorite dude i'm so glad that we got to do the show together and i'm so glad that that you know will continue to be great friends who watch wrestling together and send and since narhi text messages to one another and we'll see you back on the show soon well if you respond to my text messages man no that i read them and and often laugh okay that's that i'll take all right we gotta get outta here apologies as always to ambrose and we'll see you back here next week or the week after maybe the week after i think we're by i think we're formally biweekly until summer slam i don't really know that works i like your next week and i definitely won't be back your next week so goodbye everyone yeah we'll see you back your sometime soon humanoids every time the seizure rolling we'll say next week on the mass man show goodbye everyone

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